Fantasy for today, check it out.

Fantasy #1

I see that you are probably the perfect person to help me explore my unique kinks and fetishes. I thought I’d take some fine to share with you what Im looking for, then we can maybe get in touch soon and spend some time on the phone?

First off, you need to know that I have a real female armpit fetish. I love the shape of a woman’s body there, the feel ot the soft skin, the taste of her body. Now, it’s not a dirty thing with me, and it’s not a submissive thing either. On the contrary. I find it a very dominant thing to hold a woman’s arms above her head and Kiss her there. This certainly isn’t the only part of a woman’s body that i like — breasts, legs, ass, hips, flanks, etc… are all great — but this area is a huge turn on for me. shaved, clean and no deoderant are just right… even better if very sweaty and clean. i know some guys are into the dirtiness of like 4 day no showered armpits, but that’s not what does it for me. make sense?

My fantasy involves another man dominating me and my wife. I’d love to start the evening at a club, watching him dance with her, feeling her up, kissing her and rubbing her body. She’d be wearing a tight strapless evening dress to give him full access to her slender body. He would make me watch them on the dance floor, bring her back to the table and make her sit there while he touches her and tells us both how he’s going to fuck both of us before the night is over. He’d understand and be into the armpit fetish too… knowing that by taking this most secret part of my wife he’s showing that he owns her body for the night. He’d make her put her arms up while we sit there, maybe behind her head, maybe out on the back of the booth… he’d touch her breasts, rub her armpits, kiss and lick her shoulders and neck. Maybe make her take off her panties sitting there, make me smell them and see how wet they are. Maybe he’d make the waitress watch him touch her, tell her we’re married and what he’s going to do with us.

When he’s ready he’d send me to our hotel room. maybe tell me to put on some of her underwear and wait for them. they’d come into the room… let your imagingation run from there. i’d want to him to be very strong and dominant… maybe he makes me fuck her first for a minute or two when he’s ready, then tells me to sit and watch. he’s on top of her, she’s fighting a little because he’s so big going into her. he’s holding her arms above her head as he fucks her, licking the sweat from her armpits…. i watch as he cums in her, his hips pumping and balls lifting as he fills her.

then he does things to me… makes me get on the bed and hold my ass open for him… eventually he takes my ass while he makes me eat his cum from her pussy… talking nasty to me, telling me i’m his bitch that he loves fucking couples etc etc.

i think you get the idea? i bet you’ve already got the idea and i’m so excited thinking about you leading me through this fantasy. don’t feel that you have to follow my plan to every single detail… i’m looking for you to flesh it out and excite me with new details, but i thought it was important to share the basic themes with you before we talked…

Teasing and Denial phone sex with Subby1 – Orgasm denial, chasity

Teasing and denial, is a fun game I love to play with my hubby. One of my on line devotees, is not engaging in some of my fun torture... I am going to post the session below. I know a lot of you, don't really like the im's I will be posting more about my cuckold thing with my husband shortly, I have been doing a lot of calls, as I am saving for a new car, I have been getting some nice tributes, Cucky Boyfriend has been contributing, and I am happy to say the wheels should be happening ...