HUMILIATION and how I turned Teenie Weenie Tony, into my Butter Boy

tony : Hello Miss Mandy
tony : Can we play tonight Miss Mandy
tony : Are you there Miss
Mandie Parker: i will be here soon
Mandie Parker: and humiliate you
Mandie Parker: i want your panties on
Mandie Parker: maybe turn your cam on
Mandie Parker: and try to show your panties off
tony : Great!
tony : Ok please i need to be humiliated so bad. Will you let me cum tonight
Mandie Parker: hahahha
tony starks: Im in my panties for you. Make me do humiliating things till i cum please Miss Mandy
Mandie Parker: ok, well
Mandie Parker: put your finger up your ass
Mandie Parker: and then sniff it
tony : Yes Miss
Mandie Parker: then stroke, every 10 minutes
Mandie Parker: for 5 strokes
tony : That hurt Miss. I don’t think things are surposed to go up there
Mandie Parker: hahahaha
tony : Please make me cum Miss Mandy
tony starks: I have been wanking for so long Miss
Mandie Parker: i know you are a good boy
tony : Thank you Miss
tony : Can you tease me till i cum miss mandy Please Please
Mandie Parker: hahhaa
Mandie Parker: no cumming
Mandie Parker: but
Mandie Parker: you can hump a pillow for me
tony : Yes Miss thank you
tony : Can you give me some embarrassing things to do for you
Mandie Parker: go into a chat room, and ask girls if any would like to view you
Mandie Parker: now
tony : Yes Miss
tony : What now Miss
Mandie Parker: let me know what they say
tony : Should i tell them about my little dick Miss
Mandie Parker: yes
Mandie Parker: absolutely
tony : Know one wants to Miss
tony : Im chatting with a model she wants to know what i like to do for fun should i tell her i like to be teased for having a little weenie Miss
tony : If you make me cum i will eat it for you Miss
Mandie Parker: hahahah
Mandie Parker: keep stroking
Mandie Parker: what did the model say
tony : I asked her if she liked big cocks or small ones. She said big ones and asked me how big mine was. I told her and she laughed and said that’s tiny and that i was a loser. Then left
Mandie Parker: hahah
tony : How can i embarrass myself for you Miss
tony : I will do whatever you say. If you make me cum i’ll cum into my panties and lick them clean for you Miss
Mandie Parker: humm
tony : I haven’t cum in almost two weeks Miss mandy
Mandie Parker: is that true?
tony : Yes Miss i’ve been waiting for you to let me. It feels so much better if i have your permission
Mandie Parker: really two weeks?
Mandie Parker: I will let you cum,
Mandie Parker: but you have to do as i say
Mandie Parker: lol
Mandie Parker: i sort of like you sticking it butter and cumming in there
Mandie Parker: and useing the butter for toast
tony : Yes Miss anything
Mandie Parker: and licking up some of it tonight
Mandie Parker: wrap some panties around it
Mandie Parker: and stroke some more
Mandie Parker: dont cum yet
tony : Yes Miss
tony : There will be plenty to go round
Mandie Parker: ok, well stroke for me some
Mandie Parker: then
Mandie Parker: i will let you hand hump for a bit
Mandie Parker: the i guess i might let you cum
Mandie Parker: you are such a loser
Mandie Parker: maybe i shouldnt
tony : I know Miss im so pethetic
Mandie Parker: awww
Mandie Parker: yes you r
Mandie Parker: what r you doing now
Mandie Parker: are you having fun at least
tony : Yes Miss i love rubbing my little clitty for you. It’s so small
tony : Im covered in butter stroking my weewee for you
tony : I love the feeling of my thong wrapped tightly around my weenie while i wank
tony : What do you want me to do Miss Mandy
Mandie Parker: what r you doing
tony : Wanking my little weenie with my panties wraped tightly around it Miss
Mandie Parker: that is so cute
Mandie Parker: do you have a dildo?
Mandie Parker: too?
tony : Yes Miss i do
Mandie Parker: humm
Mandie Parker: want to suck it for me?
tony : Anything you want Miss
tony : It’s so much bigger than my little cockette
tony : I’ve been wanking for close to 4 hours Miss
Mandie Parker: ok, i think i might let your little chicklett cum
Mandie Parker: i will watch you if you want
tony : How Miss
Mandie Parker: on cam
Mandie Parker: do youhave one?
tony : How shall i cum for you
Mandie Parker: lie on your back
tony : Yes Miss
Mandie Parker: and jerk your clitty and shoot it toward your face
tony : Yes Miss
Mandie Parker: cum hard and eat it up
Mandie Parker: unless you want to cum in the butter bowl
tony : Whatever you would prefer Miss. It’s for your entertainment
tony : What do you want Miss
tony : Miss
Mandie Parker: maybe the butter bowl with your pathetic little dickie, i hope you dont lose it in there
Mandie Parker: hahaha
tony : Yes Miss as you wish im kneeling over the bowl
Mandie Parker: yes if you cum in the bowl you can eat it on toast for breakfast as well
Mandie Parker: your poor little chicklette.. hahahah
Mandie Parker: ok, make my little dickie come
Mandie Parker: hahahahah
tony : Yes Miss im pumping my little dickie in and out of he butter. Im about to blow Miss.
Mandie Parker: ok
Mandie Parker: shoot it out hard
Mandie Parker: i wnat you to eat it
tony: Oh miss i came so hard for you it’s been so long
Mandie Parker: good
Mandie Parker: eat some now
tony : Yes Miss anything for you
tony: Yuk im such a loser

Shore House, phone sex, and Tim

So it is Monday. Ho Hum... I had a busy day today, I had to go to my house in Princeton, and attend some things, which gave me the opportunity, to catch up on some callers, that I had not talked to in a long time, while I waited for the gardener to finish planting flowers for me around the house. I must say they look very pretty, I have a rose garden, that I am very proud of, and the impatient's that are planted all the way around our property look very pretty. I am glad that ...

Wedding Dress Lover Guy

Wonderful new caller today... loves to wear and collect wedding dresses, hoping to get him to dress up for me and send me some pics.. to have a good look see at. Loves to wear panties, sniff panties, and so forth. Has a huge panty collection as well, I have a little about him here, there will be more to come, hoping to get some interactive with my Wedding Dress Lover Guy...

This is a new friend of mine, who is 41 and grew up with 4 sisters.. He loved to wear their clothes... Bridesmaids gowns, prom gowns, dresses, ...


For those of you who do not read the comments over on my left column.. here is what teenie Tony has been talking bout... TOO funny, so I had to share...

"Hey Miss Mandy i had an interesting day today. I went and got a bikini wax. I thought if i got my pubic hair waxed my weenie would look bigger. It was really embarrassing the girl that waxed me was so hot. When i removed my pants i was wearing a little pink thong. She gave me the weirdest look. Then i pulled my panties down so see could apply ...


You all must checkout what Tony has been up to... he wrote me this the other day...

"Hey Miss Mandy i had an interesting day today. I went and got a bikini wax. I thought if i got my pubic hair waxed my weenie would look bigger. It was really embarrassing the girl that waxed me was so hot. When i removed my pants i was wearing a little pink thong. She gave me the weirdest look. Then i pulled my panties down so see could apply the wax and she couldn't help but giggle when she sore how small i ...

Phone Sex and News….

It has been quite a weekend, I still have some company so have not had a chance to let everyone know what I have been up to.

Tony has been wanking his little useless chicklette and wanting to cum, NOT that I am going to let him, I am having him butter it up, and play with it, tonight, as we speak he is standing in the window, doing the dirty, so that all the neighbors might get a look, NOT that there is anything to see...

Wimpy called, he said, Laura is having a DNA test to ...

General news…

Wondering tonight, where my friend Wimpy is, he is so funny, his wife is having another man's baby, not sure if they know which guy the daddy will be. He is so cute, his little dickie makes me laugh, as do all his wife's friends, I think he is sending me the key, and I will be the holder, take the pressure off of poor, preggie Laura.

Then of course, Cucky Boy, is off chasing pussy again, I think he is going to give me a nice tribute, when he realizes, that he is back in my clutches. He ...