T Boy Lesson for tonight

Tonight I need you to masturbate for me. I would like you in front of my picture, so my eyes are staring at your cock, that is my cock now, and I want you to stroke it for me for 10 minutes, fully lubed up. I know you told me you needed it cranked up a knotch, so you are now in the big league.

I want you to now stop, and think about it, but not touch for 5 minutes.

Now lube up some more, and 10 more minutes….. of stroking, maybe rub your balls a bit.

Now stop and you …

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Chastity? Does my hubby get to cum?

Last night was so much fun. My BF came over, he is so handsome,my hubby had left on a business trip, so I needed some well deserved good loving. I had gone shopping all day. I was tired and BF gave me a soothing foot massage, then he worked his way up my legs. I was able to just lie there and do nothing as he pleasured me, with his big **, My husband called shortly after we finished, I was able to give him all the delicious details, I told him that he could masturbate as I told …

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T BOY’s guided masturbation instruction for tonight!

Little something different tonight…..I need you to masturbate for me for 5 minutes, with your porn going on… no lube, then stop for 2 minutes.

Now more stroking for 3 minutes, this time with lube.

Stop for 2 minutes.

Now more stroking for 5 minutes with lube….

Stop for a minute.

Now, get a pillow, and hump it for 3 minutes.

No cumming tonight!

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T Boy’s instructions for tonight

I have a feeling that some of my masturbating instructions are being tried by closet wankers… those who do not want to let me know, that they are enjoying me denying them, only to see what I will do next…

Tonight, I would like T- Boy to redo last night’s lesson again. This time, lieing on your back, knees up.

I have been told by a few… that the plastic wrap is good, you can also try a baggie…

Of course we all know, that there is no cumming tonight, or any other night, unless some …

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