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Ms. Mandy is looking for panty boys wanting some guided masturbation phone sex in those sexy silky panties.  Nylon, silk, cotton?  You had best get your panties and put them on for me.  If you are confused about  whether or not you are a sissy or maybe a panty-boy.  I will help you to decide which you might be.  Leave it up to me as I will control you, your cock, soon to be MY cock, and your panties.  Some stroker boys like to call me in their panties and other stroker boys need to be convinced that they will enjoy this.

I like to take a panty boy and have him wrap them around his cock, and masturbate for me during a guided masturbation panty boy session.  There are many strokers who enjoy panty play.  It might involve where the panties came from.  A hamper, maybe snatched at a party.  They could belong to someone you know, or you might even buy them.  I would enjoy hearing about your panty collection.  The history of it, where they all came from, who they belonged to, when you tried out your first pair.  Did you wear them, did you jerk off in them, how did you use them to masturbate. Gosh, maybe you even chewed them up!
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xoxo’s Ms. Mandy