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Humiliation phone sex and guided masturbation phone sex  are two favorite fetishes I enjoy on the phone.

JOI – jerk off instructions are interesting, your dick out, me telling YOU what to do with it.
Some call it guided masturbation, I call me, me DOMINATING YOU!

Someone called yesterday and implied I did a lot of vanilla calls. Only true if I am pouring vanilla ice cream all over your cock and having someone suck it off.  Today’s topic is Mandy’s husband receiving humiliation from Myself, and his wife.  I of course know better what he needs.  If you read the replies below you will see responses to my instructions.  Since I am not sent my orders with his replies I have not posted my instructions.  Probably better for those of you wanting to be trained, you will not be privy to what I am liable to do to you. Instead you have the benefit of a cuckold husband serving me and at my mercy. The bottom response is a reply to my latest instruction of having him masturbate between the sofa cushions.  Since his wife won’t have sex with him, I think the sofa is his new friend.

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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Dear Mistress, My wife locked the door again and won’t let me in the bedroom. Tonight I thought everything was ok. She was nice to me earlier this evening and then all of a sudden everything changed. There was no argument and I don’t think I did anything wrong. She seems to have just decided to spend the night without me. She really likes the new private patio I built for her that she can access it from our bedroom. She seldom uses the front door anymore now that you can enter the house through the patio and into our room.I am lonely and horny. I don’t know why she doesn’t want me around. I am sure she could find something for me to do. I know I’m not much but I am better than nothing. Should I knock on the door and ask her to let me in or should I just lie here and jerk off under the covers imagining her being fucked hard and long by a giant cocked stud?  Your Devoted Servant

-I went ahead and took care of business under the covers on the sofa.
Afterwards I went sound asleep. When I woke up this morning the bedroom door was still locked. I knocked quietly for several minutes until finally my wife answered and told me  in no uncertain terms to stop knocking immediately and go away. I tried to explain that I needed to get in so I could shower for work. She reminded me that she said to go away. I then could hear her laughing. Also, it sounded like there was another voice laughing as well but that could have been the tv. Hopefully she will forgive me of whatever I did to deserve being exiled and let me sleep in the bed tonight.

-will ask her if I can lick her pussy so I will do as you command assuming she lets me. It seems like I am battling an unknown agenda and I feel frustrated and humiliated. I wish I knew what the problem was. It’s difficult to give her what she wants if I do not know what that is! Maybe I need to get a new outfit or hairstyle? I just don’t know what to do.

-Yes Mistress, Yes. I will do as you say. I will do as you say. Thank you, Mistress. Thank you.
You are so beautiful Mistress. I can’t believe how well you know how to push my buttons. I am rock hard and ready to explode!

-I simply could not stand it! I did what I had to to get sent to the sofa. I am now under the covers with the lights turned off. I will now Masturbate to you! I am truly blessed to have a Mistress like you. I have every inch of your perfect body memorized. I will stroke until I can’t hold back any longer and then explode and feel the pleasure that you are allowing me to have.

-I did it 3 times again! Last night my wife went out with her girlfriends. I had the house to myself and was able to set up the sofa perfectly for the session you ordered. I ended up stacking the cushions so I could stand in front of the sofa and drive into the crease of the stack. Our cushions are very thick and very soft. It felt very good! I put my iPad on top of the cushions so I could stare at your picture throughout. It didn’t take long before I was done and collapsing on top of you and the stacked sofa cushions.
At 2 am, my wife was still not home and I just stayed on the sofa and stroked for my Mistress again. This time it was traditional and I simply dropped a small load on my stomach. This morning, a few minutes ago, I woke up and still my wife was not around. I went ahead and moved into the bedroom and while laying on my normal side of the bed, I used two of my wife’s pillows to masturbate with. I did it on my side while hugging the pillows tightly. I set up my iPad so I could once again focus on a picture of my Mistress. If only I had a two minute recording of my Mistress to play during my session I would be fully equipped. I know that nothing beats a live session but it sure would be nice to have an alternative in case of emergency. Anyway, I quickly unloaded between her pillows. After I recovered, I put the pillows back in their proper place and straightened up the covers as if nothing had ever happened. Thank you Mistress for all of these opportunities to stroke for you. I certainly am on a roll and I have a long weekend to look forward to.

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Hope you enjoy!

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Orgasm denial – Call Mistress Mandy at 1-877-732-6360

Ms. Mandy is had a delicious orgasm denial phone sex call with HER chastity slave stroker boy.  He is in chastity, for Ms. Mandy as some males kept in chastity  are!    I have slave boy in chastity ribbons.   I do not have him in a device, as this is a trust issue, he knows that he is only allowed to release upon my command, the lucky stroker boy that he is.

My  chastity slave, knows to tribute Ms. Mandy and he generously did so on our last session.  I will be putting him in panties now, and feminizing him.  He will be wearing panties and lipstick as I own and control him.  I am looking forward to chatting with my stroker boy  soon again as I own and control him.  He no longer is owner of his cock, it is Ms. Mandy’s cock.

Guided masturbation phone sex and orgasm denial, for stroker boys who want Ms. Mandy to put them in chastity and lock up their cocks.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

Guided masturbation phone sex with Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I do enjoy guided masturbation phone sex and never see to get my fill. With that being said, guided masturbation can take on many forms. For the purist, it is simply masturbation instruction. A person may realize it is unrealistic to expect a phone sex operator to actually masturbate, instead of trying to force the issue, the road of lesser resistance is chosen. Masturbation instruction would be where I would focus totally on You. You may or may not be submissive. Many tell me, I have fantasies and fetishes on my blog they never heard of or dreamed of. What that implies is that, I am open to all fantasies. I can also guide your masturbation and incorporate a kinky fantasy into it. This makes guided masturbation not so boring to some, and more interesting to others. So you see, I can give you fetish phone sex, guided masturbation pure or with your fantasy attached.

I dominate and control men. I have a little dick loser that calls for small penis humiliation phone sex. He can not satisfy a women, and likes
me to degrade him. Sometimes I have him wear panties, sometimes I send him to a glory hole. He has been going to an adult theater lately in San Francisco and sucking a lot of dick.   He is one big cock sucker.  He goes to this book store and there is a men’s area in the back, here he has done circle jerks and sucked many cocks and I have to tell you, his little penis gets a lot of attention there. All the guys seem to feel he is the ring master. Or is it the circle jerk master.  These guys want to suck his little dick, I do not let him do this, as I want him to save his cum for the times when he calls me for a session.  He goes there and gets all excited and goes home to call me.  Sometimes he lies on the floor and has all the guys jerk off on him as he strokes his little penis. I have to laugh when he tells me this. They really think he is a cum slut, and from what I understand they guys all look forward to him coming to the theater, and applaud when he enters the room.

I had him buy a lot of sex toys, and panties, and he travels with a bag full of toys to be ready if I command him to call me.  This way, if he is on business in a city where there are no adult book stores, bath houses or adult theaters, I can immediately take control and have him do something kinky for me. I do like to be entertained. W/we recently did a session and I required a report back from him on his progress. Here is what my little dick loser had to say:

Hi Mistress Mandy,

Thank you for the GREAT session last night. It was already a great session!

Did you like my new inflatable sex dolls? I forgot to tell you there names. The lady doll is Tina, and the man doll is Daniel. I really enjoyed it when I gave Daniel a blow job and you told me exactly how I should do it. I didn’t know that I was supposed to start slowly and kiss the tip of the cockhead. It felt really good to kiss the tip, and then suck on the head. You know what? When you told me to lick the shaft and then bob on Daniel’s cock, I got very excited and my penis got hard. It sure would be great if Daniel could ejaculate semen. I would love to have it squirt on my face.

Did you like watching me play with Tina? Thanks for suggesting that I get a marking pen and put some pussy hair on her. She looks really sexy now. I put a small triangle of pussy hair just above her cunt hole. It felt so good to lay next to her in bed and kiss her pretty face and feel her tits and hard nipples. I even sucked on her nipples. Thank you for reminding me to lick her pussy before I fucked her. I know I should have licked it longer than I did, but I was just so anxious to put my penis in her cunt hole. It felt soooo good. It was very tight, even for my short skinny penis. I ejaculated in her cunt. Then I licked her again and ate my semen. It was delicious. Then I went to sleep. When I woke in the morning I fucked her again. Some of my semen was still in her cunt. It felt really nice on the penis. I ejaculated in her cunt again.

Thank you again Mistress Mandy. Will you have time to watch me with my dolls again tonight? I really hope you do !

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Orgasm Denial Phone Sex 1-877-732-6360

Stroker slut for guided masturbation phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

Guided masturbation phone sex with Stroker Slut today.  Having stroker slut put rubber band around cock and base of balls, and think some nipple torture would be fun today.  Pinch his nipples,  Slap cock, says he likes cbt.  I own and control him. Counts me out 10 strokes. Trying some masturbation techniques today.  He is loving it. Trying many different ways of stroking.  Has a lot of precum.  Having him try many ways of jerking off.

Guided masturbation phone sex as well as some masturbation techniques for stroker slut with Ms. Mandy during a humiliation call as well.

He has a nice cock  and he is so adorable.  He wants to be my stroker slut. He is so hot and sexy.  Love having him do jerk off phone sex, with my masturbation guidance. He is not allowed to cum without my permission, and has to pay the cum tax if he does. He has not cum since our last session. Good boy! Spanking that cock. Watching him masturbate! Licking up precum.  Sits back going to shoot it in the air..

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

phone sex

Sissy training and tributes for Ms. Mandy – 1-877-732-6360

I have a new sissy slut!  She sent me the sexiest pair of panties which I received yesterday.  I put them on and had my real man boyfriend have some fun with me in them!   I have been training her, she is amazing!  She has new panties, and no longer wears mens underwear.  That is because I told her not to!  She responds to my commands.  I had her singing, dancing, tap dancing and repeating many fascinating things that I was brainwashing her with last night.

Going to get panties this weekend. Needs plenty of panties for training. Naked and little weenie is throbing, Practicing sissy voice, little clitty is very hard. Came once since our last last and did not eat it’s cum, told her that she has to eat it every time, or I won’t let her cum. Having her lick my butt. Will be wearing panties every day. Once she buys them, sitting down to pee. Practice with dildo 5 minutes of sucking dildo every night.

Must eat cum each time
Wear panties every day
Practice sissy voice
Suck dildo 5 minutes each day
Sitting down to pee
Buy a lipstick.
Little clitty is very very hard. Pump it for Ms. Mandy, Made her cum and then made her eat it!.
She loves my orders and instructions..
She called girlfriend of mine for more phone sex humiliation , seeing as she is a sissy with a little dick !xoxox’s Ms. Mandy

Expose your cock *D* guided masturbation phone sex – Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Guided masturbation phone sex with Ms. Mandy.  You never know what I am liable to hear when I get a sexy erotic phone sex call.  Whether is it a sexy guy with a big cock like *D* who just called me to tell me about the hottest thing ever.  Guess what happened to him?  A bunch of girls wanted him to dance for them, it was like a party.  I don’t know if these girls knew he had a 9 inch cock.  He danced around to the music, the girls were so excited to have him there.  He is so nice, and even more sexy!  At one point, one of the girls pulled his shorts down, and exposed his 9 inch cock. They started playing with his cock, taking turns, eventually he beat off for all of them.

He came in front of a room full of girls! WOW! Super hot, can you imagine, cuming like that?  He wants to have a married woman worship his cock while her husband watches, (is this a cuckold thing?) but he really enjoys a group of girls the most, “I think”.  So, are you that guy, wanting to do this too? If so, tell me your real life experience where you jerked off in front a girl or a few girls or a room full of girls!

*D* YOU ARE SUPER HOT!  Jerk off phone sex is the best!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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Sissy Billy loves phone sex with Mistress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Sissy phone sex with billy the cock sucking faggot is a lot of fun. He is enamored by his sexy neighbor Jake, who apparently has quite the shaft.  Billy is married with cock sucking desires, he loves and craves cock.  I too can train you to be the sissy faggot cock sucker you long to be.  Just like billy, he did not start out sucking cock, but now only wants dick. Looks like Jake might be the new main squeeze for sissy faggot billy, do read on.

Dear Mistress Mandy: It’s very late, but I’m so excited, I just couldn’t wait to write to you. I’m actually still shaking a little bit.  Do you remember my sexy neighbor Jake who I told you about? The one that makes my pee-pee tingle whenever I see him? Guess what ? He fucked me today!  Thanks to you, my dream came true.  During one of our sessions last month when I told you I had been watching Jake from my upstairs window whenever he mowed his lawn, you told me I needed to do something to create an opportunity to be with him. I was watching him mow his lawn today. Like usual, he didn’t have a shirt on, and he was wearing his tight stretch-material biking shorts. My eyes were glued to his crotch. When he mowed the part of his lawn close to my house, not only could I see the firmness of his shaft, I could even see the outline of his helmet. It was amazing Mistress Mandy!  I watched him as he mowed, and I was almost drooling while I stared at the outline of that beautiful prick. After a while the collector bag on the lawn mower became filled and needed to be emptied. Jake turned off the mower and carried the bag to the back if his property to dump the grass clippings behind a stockade fence. I scurried to the next room so I could continue to watch him behind the fence. You will not believe what happened next !  Before coming out from behind the fence, he stopped, put the bag down, and started to grab the waistband of his biker shorts.  I realized then that he was going to pee !  He rolled the shorts down to the middle of his thighs, and there it was. I almost fell off my chair. It was the most perfect penis I have ever seen. Everything about it. Even though he didn’t have a hard on, I could see the thickness in the shaft, which had nice big veins, and an enormous cockhead. When his piss stream started, I could see the strength of it. He stood with his hands on his hips, and I could see his shaft flex as he pissed.With my state of arousal, coupled with a comment that my wife had made a few weeks ago about how according to Jake’s wife, they had been having some trouble, and hadn’t fucked in a month (which was now almost 2 months), I decided that I just had to make a move. Thank you again Mistress Mandy for giving me the confidence I needed.  First, I went downstairs to the kitchen, and at the end of the counter I put my pair of red panties (folded neatly) and my tube of red lipstick.  Then I went to the back door and called out to Jake. “Hey Jake, how about a cold glass of water?” He yelled back that that sounded great, and started to walk over. When I shook his hand it took every bit of willpower I had to keep my eyes from looking down at crotch.We walked to the kitchen and I pulled a chair out for him that faced the counter, and I sat with my back to the counter. We chatted for awhile about a variety of meaningless topics, and I made sure to mention my wife was out of town. I was leaning over to refill his glass , when he said
“I thought you said Nancy was out of town?”
I said “She is out of town, why?”
He said “I noticed her panties and lipstick on the counter”.
As casually as I could, I replied “They aren’t Nancy’s”
He let out a laugh and said “Oh, maybe they’re yours !” And continued to laugh.
I let him finish laughing, and then simply said, “Yes, they are.”
Jake’s eyes got a little wide, and he said, “You’re kidding right?”
I just shook my head.
He said “Why do you have them?”
I said “Because I look sexy. And I feel sexy.”
I could tell that he was struggling to come to terms with this. After a long pause he asked “Are you a faggot?”
I replied “I’m a sissy faggot.”
“What does that mean?” He quickly asked.
“It means that I am submissive to men, and I will let them do anything that they want to me.”
He still looked confused.
“Let me explain it to you this way. I can make you feel good Jake, and no one has to know.”
Ugh, I am SO sorry Mistress Mandy, this is a terrible point to end my letter, but I am so excited and I can’t wait any longer. I have to masturbate my pee-pee and squirt my semen. I will write soon to tell you about what happened with Jake. I’m sorry !
Yours truly,  Sissy faggot BillieP.S. Thank you for talking to me this week. Our session was GREAT!

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