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"guided masturbation phone sex"I do love cuckold phone sex, and I am a cuckold wife!   I have a guy that calls and tells me about his girlfriend, she met this guy and they fuck behind his back, well, he knows about it, but basically she tells him what happens.  They are in the process of looking for more cock, in the meanwhile she is getting stuffed and pounded by a real man.  Below are photos of him taking her from behind, but I hid the nudity.

If you guys out there, have cuckold stories to tell me, you should!  I love cuckolding my husband, by boyfriend is big and has a huge cock, and he satisfies me like no one else can.  Especially my husband, who is just not that good at sex, poor thing.

Hope to update you on M, and the new guy that comes along to pound his girl.

xo’s Ms. Mandy

the very last email I got from M, but, below that are all the texts and correspondence, super hot!

I waited patiently while Mona met with Vinnie as hour 3 began I was becoming an anxious cuckold. I texted Mona and received back the text that I sent you with Vinnie’s cock deep inside her from behind. I knew she was making me into the perfect cuckold that I want to be. Finally after 3 and a half hours she returned, I was beyond anxious greeting her at the door immediately with the huge smile on her face. I hugged and then kissed her and I could taste his cock on her breath, I blurted out did you suck him and she said yes a little bit, his mouth was very busy on my pussy. I sat on the edge of the bed immediately taking her jeans off she teased and said my cuck is very horny, I blurted out yes. She leaned the right side of her hair into my face and said, smell my hair I had my head on Vinnie’s chest and he was sweaty from fucking me so much, open your mouth my sweet cuck and lick my hair. I did as I was told. I took her jeans and thong down she got on the bed kneeling instructing me to kiss her ass and then to put my tongue where Vinnie’s cock and mouth had all ready been in her pussy. I did as I was told panting asking did you cum a lot she said oh so much, did you orgasm, yes  my cuck I did. I licked her pussy and asked did Vinnie know you sent that pic to me. She said yes he liked knowing you knew he was fucking you and wants you to watch next time. I couldn’t wait any longer and put my cock in her well used and stretched pussy loving the feel of it and knowing what a cuckold she made me.

How hot is that!!!! this is the background of M, being cucked by Mona… read on…

Hi Mandy, spoke to you last week on the phone. My gf’s out of town lover who is coming back with his family and he has been texting my gf daily with messages. I’m going to stuff you and I’m going to give you the pounding you deserve. I will continue to keep you posted. Your, Prized cuckold M

wow M: that is pretty hot…  ” I’m going to stuff you and I’m going to give you the pounding you deserve”  what is going on? xo’s Ms.Mandy

So this guy M, sent me copies of the texts between him and his girlfriend, and also the guy with the big cock who fucks her and turns M on… I talked to him and he said they are looking for another stud too!


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No one likes Domination phone sex fantasy calls more then  Mistress Mandy, I like to talk about guided masturbation, domination, cock control, cock and ball torture, I will femininze you, help you turn gay, turn you into a girl even!  I have lots of kinky things to tell you and share, and really enjoy hearing your darkest secret!  Cuckold wife Mandy Malone, makes your cock respond to her sexy voice.  I have just had sex, wanna hear about it?  I bet you do!  Fetish calls where I humiliate the heck out of you!  Forced femme, and if you happen to have a tiny cock, then small penis humiliation is in store.  I offer intelligent and meaningful slutty calls!  Think about that one!

Make your Jerk Off Sexxion, JOI, with your SPH tiny cock, the funnest ever. I might get you to cum on your face with your legs over your head.
Kinky fetish calls, get your lube, dildo and more out for me to take control.  Think you can’t eat your cum, then think again, cum eating phone sex with me, will be more then you ever dreamed it could be. As for cum eating instruction.
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Cuckold phone sex Ken and Reid – Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360 | Part 3

"guided masturbation phone sex"This is the third part of a trilogy so far, by my husband Ken, about our encounter with his adversary Reid. I posted the first two segments, in blog posts below this, if you want to get the back story it is posted below.


When I entered his bedroom with the champagne, I found Mandy lying back on Reid’s bed, her smooth white skin and delicious curves on full display.

Reid was in a plank position, muscles rippling, hovering over her toned body.  His massive cock rested on her flat stomach.  He leaned down and kissed her deeply.

I was speechless.  They looked beautiful together. All I could do was helplessly watch.

Reid placed his cock between her thighs.  He began to slowly rub the head of his dick against her pussy lips, teasing her.  Mandy spread her legs and moaned, “Oh my God, you’re huge.”

Reid thrust inside of her.  Mandy gasped.  “Fuck me!” she screamed.

Reid didn’t need any further encouragement.  He began positioning his hips, pumping his shaft inside Mandy until he was balls deep.

“Don’t worry, baby.  I’m going to fuck your tight little married pussy like never before.”  He reached underneath Mandy and grabbed her ass, gaining leverage and thrusting deeper inside of her.

Almost unconsciously, I unzipped my pants and began to jerk off to the unbelievable sight before me.

Mandy was the first to notice. “Yes, honey – play with your little dick while I get fucked by a real man!”

Reid turned to look and smirked when he saw me furiously stroking my 5 inches.  “That’s it, Ken – jack off while I give your wife what she’s been missing.  Just like I told you earlier – do the best you can with what you have.”

Moments later, Mandy’s body convulsed and erupted into an earth -shattering orgasm.

It was humiliating, but also the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced.

Reid wasn’t finished.  He continued to rhythmically pound her, his big balls slapping her ass as she came repeatedly.

Reid announced “It’s time for me to examine the witness.”

Mandy looked up at him, puzzled.

“Do I fuck you better than your husband?” Reid demanded.

Mandy immediately understood and responded enthusiastically. “Oh yes… Ken can’t satisfy me like you can!”

Reid wasn’t done with his questioning.

“Is my cock bigger than your husband’s?”

“It’s not even close.” Mandy squealed.  “You’re twice his size!”

Reid groaned “I have no further questions!”  He pulled his cock out and exploded with long, thick ropes of cum.  I watched in awe as he shot load after heavy load, coating Mandy’s face, breasts and tummy.

I came instantly, dribbling my sperm on to the floor.  As much as I despised Reid, I was amazed by his performance – in the courtroom and bedroom.

Mandy motioned me to come closer.  “There’s something I’d like you to do, honey.  Reid fucked me so beautifully.  Please show your appreciation by cleaning up after him.”

Reid chuckled.  “Really, Ken – it’s the least you can do after what I did for your wife.”  Mandy joined his mocking laughter.

I hesitated, but only for a moment.  In a final act of submission to this man who proved his dominance, I began to lick Reid’s cum from Mandy’s glistening body.

Mandy and Reid kissed and drank the remaining champagne as I tongued their combined juices from her dripping pussy.

Mandy looked down at me and giggled “Honey, it is the judgment of this court that Reid taught YOU a lesson. Case closed!”

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Candi’s Corner

Ruined orgasm’s as well as guided masturbation phone sex, MY sissy candi likes to please me. She calls me Ms.Mandy, because I am a governess type, Candi is a devoted sissy maid, she likes to dress in a formal black and white french type sissy maid outfit, and has been known to be in the scene serving R/T Mistress’s, she enjoys going to BDSM clubs, and being forced to jack off, serve. She is totally addicted to porn, likes Legshow Magazine, and also enjoys being caught masturbating. She has gone to many domination houses, and is very experienced, If any of my girlfriends are reading this, you can inquire, I know that Candi, is looking to serve one of you ladies, You can make her do a variety of humiliating things, I think it would be very enjoyable as well, She is quite the sissy. Sissy Candi, would like to kneel before me, and polish my shoes. with her sissy shoe cream.  Humm, would like me to ruin her orgasm, Especially, by milking and stroking, losing all control.  Says she would like to do cam.  I think we need to get you on cam, so that I can see the sissy maid outfit, and put it on my blog, Candi girlie~! She likes  places where  she can dress up in a maids outfit, Fishnet, stockings, heels, or, whatever the domme’s would like, wearing the ladies things, doing their chores, “den of iniquity” takes on sissy maid’s.
Candi is going to cum in a champagne glass on cam for Ms.Mandy. I think candi would be an excellent sissy maid, serving and pleasing any Mistress.xoxox’s
Ms. Mandy

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Free Guided Masturbation Lesson  with some Orgasm Denial, Tease and Deny, Worship Ms. Mandy!

I need you to worship me, T Boy has been a faithful guided masturbator follower, and I am glad that others are following suit. I told T Boy that I would be putting a lesson up tonight, let’s see how we do…
Tonight we will do a new weekend masturbation lesson. I love knowing that all you stroker boys out there, are listening to me, and stroking along. Remember I own your cock, and I control it, I want your dick hard all weekend for me.

First, I would like you on your bed. Dim the lights, I want you to concentrate on your nipples first. Some lotion on your finger tips, get totally nude for me, and I want you to tweak your nipples, and use that lotion. Concentrate on My Cock. Make it twitch.
Tonight I am going to make my cock tingle as well.

Hands off those titties…

Now, more lotion, rub those balls, AND, do not touch my cock. I want you to focus on making your cock hard this way, you may look at a porn movie. More ball rubbing.
Now some more titty action. Pinch those nipples.

Now Stop!

Would you like to stroke your cock for Ms. Mandy? Are you going to be my bad boy stroker boy tonight?

Time to stroke.

But Slowly…. give me 20 slow strokes…

Now hands off..
Now 20 slow strokes…

Now hands off…
Now 20 slow strokes.

No cumming, If you would like to stroke you may, But no cumming tonight, I would like you to stroke, until I put up my next lesson in guided masturbation. I need you to practice control, If you cum, by mistake, we will have to have you start from the beginning. Or you may email me and beg to cum.

Ms. Mandy

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I like to talk about small penis humiliation, guided masturbation phone sex, sissy training, femdom, findom, cock control, orgasm denial, cock and ball torture, love to do domination phone sex, cuckolding, training you to be my slut!   Let’s get your toys, and lingerie out, so you can jerk off for Ms. Mandy!  I will watch you on webcam, jerk off for me while I look at your dick and talk dirty to you!  I will prey on your weakness.  I will make you mine.You are already addicted to me, give up and call, you need too!

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Has not been allowed to cum all weekend, orgasm denial phone sex for
stroker slut. Stroker slut – he is naked. Has balls
full of cum. He has been thinking me, worshiping me, waiting for O/our
session. I am in control of his cock, can’t cum without my permission. Put a
cock ring of a rubber band at base of cock, putting rubber bands up cock and
spanking it cause he is a bad boy. Pinching nipples and lubing up butt plug and
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control him, no cumming for you. Has to earn the right. He can only cum with
me. Brain wash and humiliate him. He will enjoy being submissive for me. Rubber
bands and butt plug, good boy! I own and control him.
Bending him over making him beg me to fuck him. Tie up his cock, while I
fuck him. Dirty little stroker slut, – such a pervert. I
love owning my little pervert. His cock is super hard. Fucking ass, spanking
cock, he is a fucking whore. Watching him slide in bigger plug. Air humping
while he fucks the dildo like my strap on. I own and control him. Going to watch
him cum. Want him to cum on his face as I watch. Putting legs up going to cum on
his face. Humiliate and degrade stroker slut with a cum facial.

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Humiliation phone sex w/RimJob – MIstress Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Humiliation phone sex, for you cock suckers and little dick losers out there, with ME, Mistress Mandy.  Rim Job loves sissy phone sex and has been serving me for many years, and here are some reports that he has sent me.  I send him email assignments, and then once he completes them he sends me a report, and then calls me for a session so I can laugh at him and his tiny SPH cock and make fun of what a cock sucking cum dumpster he really is.
I do enjoy sending email assignments… it is so much fun reading the reports and have a cup of coffee and laugh my ass off at him!
Read some of this below, to see what a fucking slut he is…. I do a lot more then guided masturbation phone sex, if you are looking for email assignments, sissy training, cock control, email control and distance training, Findom, financial domination, turning you gay or laughing at your little dick.. just let me know.
xo’s Mistress Mandy
Mistress I did everything you told me to do in my hotel room, while I was away on business, and it was fun. I sucked several cocks and I did wear a pink bra and panties and had the dildo on the nightstand.   The cleaning lady knocked and introduced house cleaning and I pretended to sleep.  She walked in and saw me spread out on the bed and the dildo on the nightstand. At first she laughed and then I pretended to wake up and she just looked at me and asked me what the hell I am doing.  I did not cover up and told her that I was under orders from my Mistress Mandy to expose myself like this.  She asked me what else do I have to do, and I told her that if house cleaning was willing I would do anything they tell me.  She told me that she had to get back to work but if I was serious she would be back after her shift ended and I would be used.  I did tell her that I had to leave by 6 pm and she said no problem.  She did came back at 2 pm and told me to strip, She wanted to see my cock and she then realized why I wear panties.  She spanked me for a while and then took the dildo and had me suck it. I and got it wet, then she ordered me to bend over and spread my pussy ass and she pretended that she was fucking me with a real cock.  She then  had me jerk off and when I was ready to cum she had me put my legs over my face and told me that she would finish me off and aimed my cock right my mouth.  She  told me to keep it open and when I did cum she did aim, and my cum went right into my mouth and she told me to swallow. She did tell me next time I was here get the same floor and she would bring a few friends to use me.  I can”t wait until we talk again, and for her to used me again..   rim job
Have to say another great call W/we just had Mistress Mandy!
And following your instructions when I was in Springdale Arkansas,  I went on a tranny site it and met Olivia, and after we chatted and she knew that I wanted to be dominanted by her.  I was instructed  to wear a pink bra and panties under my shirt and pants and was going to meet her.  She told me to go to a bar (THE ODD SOUL) after I spotted her, I went over to the  table and  I introduced myself and sat down. We had drinks and after  the drinks, she asked me if I was wearing the panties and I told her yes.  She told me to undo my pants and open them up she pull my shirt up, and saw the panties and she just said good boy.   I was going to fix my pants but she told me to stay that way.  We talked for awhile and the waitress came back and we ordered another round of drinks and when the drinks arrived Olivia asked the waitress to walk around and look at my pants.  When she saw the panties she laughed her ass off.  Then Olivia asked me to undo my shirt to see the bra and I did.  She had me leave the shirt open until the waitress came back.  When the waitress she saw me wearing  a bra, she said something to Olivia.  The waitress walked away and came back   with napkins to stuff the bra.  I was told to get dressed and pay the bill.   When I got outside,  she told me to get in her car and handed me a collar and told me to put it on, So I did.  We drove for some time and then we arrived at a bar,  sorry don’t remember the name.  I was then told to take off my shirt and pants and then I was told to get out.  I forgot to mention I had nothing else to wear,  she went into the truck and came out with a black dress short and it was to0 small for me.  She was unable to zip the dress up.   She laughed and told me to follow,  so  I did.  Just before I got to the door, she put a leash on me and lead me into the place.    I found  others in there fucking and sucking.  I saw male and female slaves, and men sucking cock and getting fucked, also I saw woman on woman.  W/we found a booth and once we sat down she told me to get on my knees and crawl to her.  She lifted up her dress and told me to pull her panties down.  I was then told to lick and suck her cock. she had a big cock over 8′ and about 4″ girth. I was able to get a little more than half in my mouth,  The entire time she was telling me how good of a sissy cock sucker I was. Then she told me to bend over the table, she pulled out a small tube of lube and started to lube  my ass up.  Once she was happy she put a big glob on her dick and then told me to beg her to fuck me.  I did just that, but she was not happy and told me to say it louder, so I did and I think everyone in there could hear me.  She shoved her massive cock into me and just stayed that way for awhile. My ass loosened up once she started fucking me like a slut.  Then one guy came over to watch, and she told him he could use my mouth, so he did. They both ended up shooting loads of load of cum in  me,  I not sure how many but I was at it for many hours.  When they were done with me, I was sore as hell and I was full of cum and had it all over my body especially on my face. She took me back to the bar were we met, and she let me out wearing only the bra, she handed me my shirt and pants and told me to dressed.  She told me to call her the next time I back in town. It was a wild night and I got back to my hotel room and went to  bed covered in cum, i felt like such a sissy cock sucker faggot.  I did love the idea of having the meeting with my old client and having him order me to get on my knees and suck his cock, in his office that has all windows and anyone walking by could see me sucking their boss’s cock.. Just thinking of how he could put in the contract that I would have to be his cock slut to keep his business. Like you suggested, maybe his entire staff would use me. your willing slave rim job Maureen


I did complete my assignment last night I found a adult book store and sucked off 3 guys with two of them came all over my face. I was a good slut for you Mistress Mandy.  Then, I went back to my hotel room with the cum still on face.  I was seen by a couple who looked at me,  the girl finally asked me what was on my face so I told her.  It was all crusty too!  The look on her face was priceless, and  the guy that was with her just laughed and told me it was a good look for a fag.  I was just about to get off the elevator when the girl asked me if I would suck her bf because off she always wanted to see a guy suck cock.   So I ask the guy if he wanted me to suck him off, and after a short time he said yes, so we went back to their room.  The girl told me to strip and she saw I was wearing a blue bra and panties and she could not stop laughing.   I got on my knees and pulled his cock out and licked it and kissed the head before I started sucking him off.  He was about 7″ and I had no problem in deep throating  him. He lasted about 10 minutes and he pulled out and  jerked off on my face.  After that he told me to get out so I got dressed and left.   Iwill be in touch in early soon!  Your servant rim job Maureen


Mistress after O/our chat last night, I did go to the theater and I  get lucky.  Usually after the movie starts,  I strip down to my bra and panties.  I had written cum dumpster on my chest.   There were 2 guys at the theater  besides me, and one of them walked up the isle and saw me, and laughed his ass off. He asked me what the fuck I was doing sitting there like that?  I was in bra and panties.  I told him I was under orders from my Mistress  Mandy to seek out cocks to suck.  He said bull shit,  so I told him to take out his dick, and I would suck him off.  He just looked at me and went back to his friend,  I could see them look back at me.  So I got brave and walked down, leaving my clothes were I had put them. When I got down to them I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to them.  I then asked  them if I could suck their cocks,  they just looked at me and said… OK slut suck my cock.  Both guys were small only 5″  and I did suck them and one of them told  me he was going to fuck me.  He did fuck me and  they both shot their cum about the same time.   After they were done with me I started to go back to my seat to get dressed and one of then asked me where I was going, so  I told them to get my clothes they told me to stay right in front of them, and be ready to suck again.  One of them did go and get my clothes and came back he told me if I was a good boy they would  give me my clothes back.  They each took turns using me and this time they came all over my face.  They had me rub the cum on my face and the lick my fingers. They have my number and said, that they will call me when they want to use me again.  Just one question can you give me those sites you mentioned?  I did not write them down and I forgot.  Your sissy slut rim job maureen
Well mistress you would be proud of me   I went to the glory hole last night and once again I found the same  booth empty.  Once inside I striped and then wrote slut on my forehead. I had already had Ms. Mandy’s sissy slut, written on my tiny cock. Cum dumpster on my chest and stomach and loser on my face.  I was on my knees for awhile when a cock came threw the hole, it was small and it came quick and  he did call me a fag. I thought that was interesting.  I was thinking that he knew a guy was sucking his cock, and I  sucked a few more over the next hour and then it got busy for me.  I had two cocks – one was in my mouth and the other was in  my ass pussy. Both took their time they both shot their load in.  After they were done a guy knocked on the door and told me to let him in and I did.  He laughed once he saw what  was written on me and loved the arrow on my back pointing to ass, and he shoved his cock in me and fucked me hard.  When he was ready to cum,  he ordered me on my knees, and told me to suck him dry, so I did. After that it was a blur it was around midnight, when the clerk came back and told me to get dressed and leave.  But before I did,  he said I had to suck him off and I did.  He walked me to the back of the store naked and opened the door and told me to lay down on the ground and jerk off.  So, I did and when I was ready to cum he told me to make sure it was on my face and he was laughing his ass off calling me names and then he let me get dressed. I was told to come back anytime I wanted because they like a good slut.   I was asked if I would do some kinky things; I told him I had to ask my Mistress what I can do.  He laughed and  called me a loser and said he wanted to see the email that you sent me.   I plan on going back in a few weeks and this time I going to be wear a bra and panties.  I think I will order them from amazon that should make some their laugh, seeing a guy ordering for himself.  Thank you for making me what I am now… your sissy slut rim job Maureen

Cuckold wife Mandy Malone for phone sex 1-877-732-6360

Cuckold phone sex with ME, Mistress Mandy, below you will see the humiliating account of Mandy’s husband, wishing that he was a real man. I use and control him. He adores and worships me.. read on..

Dear Mistress: I need you. I need to be humiliated the way only you can. No one else on the planet does to me what you do. I long to hear you remind me how unworthy I am and tell me how your beautiful body can only truly be satisfied by a Real Man! Please Mistress, let me back into your service again. I need you to tease and torture me. I need you deny me. I need you to laugh at my weakness and seek amusement in my pain. Your Devoted Servant

My answer:
Dear Mandy’s Husband:
I plan on putting you back on the right path. You need to serve and obey me.
As for you, I want you to stroke for me today. 10 minutes of edging every hour. You can start begging later.
Love you as always, Mistress Mandy

Dear Mistress: When I am in your service I am always thinking of you. I wake up thinking of you and the same goes for when I go to sleep.
During the day it is difficult to remain focused on my job because I am thinking about you and the fulfillment of your orders.
Hourly edging is not possible because my work does not provide me with the type of privacy required. I know this is failure but that is what I am, a failure. My thoughts drift between envisioning you and envisioning my wife having sex with giant cocked bulls. When the giant cock studs are having sex with you and her they are satisfying both of you completely. Each of you are so pleased to have a giant cock inside of you and pounding your pussy for what seems like hours. On the other hand, I know that when I am allowed to have sex with my wife, I have to stroke my cock to get it hard and then when I do get permission to put it inside, I may get 30 seconds and a dozen pumps in before I lose control and release my less than adequate load. I then dismount slowly and roll out of bed to work or to the sofa. It is my thoughts of you and her being pounded that provide me the most pleasure. While I can’t make it to hourly edging, I can break free long enough to vote and fantasize. The men I see each of you with are white, tall, and large. Large like football linemen large. They don’t talk much and only want to fuck beautiful women like you and my wife. You are far superior to my wife in every way but she is an attractive woman all the same. Please consider this email as an outline of my psyche. Please twist it and control it as you please. A lot goes on in my head and that is where you can do your best work on me. Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress: Spending another night on the sofa alone. I am beginning to think that my wife prefers to sleep without me in the bed.
Tonight when I finished my work and headed to the bedroom I found the door locked and the lights off. It’s not the first time and I am sure it won’t be the last. I guess I will just think about you and her getting what you both really want and edge as ordered. Your Devoted Servant

My answer: Dear Mandy’s Husband:
I am glad you are on the sofa alone where you belong as your wife is satisfied by a real man.

Dear Mistress: I don’t think my wife was with anyone last night however; I am pretty sure she was using the new dildo I bought her.
I have not ever eaten cum. My efforts to get my wife off orally have not ever Ben successful thus the dildo to help get her going. She made me get her a big one and now I think she has decided to go without the extra oral stimulation I try to supply. Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress,This morning I laid in bed thinking of my Mistress. I was soon erect and my penis was protruding from the front of my boxers. My wife noticed what was going on and told me to put it away and that she had no time for any fooling around this morning. I opened my eyes and asked her if it would be ok if I stroked it for her. She was amused at the idea of watching me jerk off. I asked her if I could look at her naked body and jerk off. She said I could look at her tits only and she even let me suck on her nipples for a couple of minutes. I proceeded to stroke but was actually thinking of you. I am still under orders not to cum so I stroked for several minutes until my wife got bored with the whole thing and got up to shower. I enjoyed the whole thing very much. If there is anything that you want me to add to the morning ritual, please let me know. Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress: Thank you for your expressed kindness towards me.

I understand and appreciate my role and it’s limitations. You are truly the goddess that I worship. I know that I am not worthy to even look at your most private parts. Seeing your beautiful back this morning was certainly a treat. I immediately envisioned you atop your favorite bull and turning to give me a quick look of acknowledgement and satisfaction.Your Devoted Servant

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