NEW HOT STORY! Real Man Boyfriend surprises Mandy! But Mandy Surprised him more!

Financial domination phone sex My Real Man Boyfriend is a real trip, he likes to be kinky and surprise me from time to time, I always say, the next surprise will be your big c*** getting even bigger. He was due to come over to the house recently, I had Sissy Candi my sissy maid doing her chores around my house, she was dressed in a pretty sissy maid outfit in pink for daytime, with a sheer pink pinafore, Mary Janes and anklets… you could see thru her apron as it is sheer, as she dusted and straightened the house, and did my hand lingerie wash.  My RM Boyfriend could not help but laugh he said, “Mandy, why do you have that sissy running around the house, when you have a Real Man here?”  I said honey, you may be a Real Man, but you can’t hand wash my panties worth a dam.” I had even gotten my Real Man Boyfriend use to the idea of having my sissy around, but evidently was still threatened by her being there as you will see in a minute. He told me he had a surprise, I was hoping it was a turquoise box from Tiffany, but instead he told me he had a subby girl that serves him, and he brought her over to have sex with me and him. Well readers,,, I want you all to know, that women are really not my thing. I have had some lesi sex, but mind you, it was my choice and the ladies were Exceptional. I doubted that my RM Boyfriend’s subby whatever, would meet my standards.  I told him he could show her in, as I heard her knocking at the door. When he brought her into my great room, I saw a shy young girl, of about 20, thin and pretty, and not at all my type, I am more the Pamela A. type, not this demure, subservient girl, not at all. He said, Mandy, she gives great head, wouldn’t you like to see if she can lick you good? For those of you out there, I also want to impress, that my Real Man Boyfriend is  quiet the looker, and maybe, just maybe he is not totally too smart at times. He reminds me of that new Armani model, and of course he is very well endowed. I said, “Honey, I don’t want to experiment with your young slave girl, I want to get pounded by your big salami, laughing, I went to fix myself a large glass of Pomegranate juice from the Juicer that my new Money Piggie had sent. (More about him in the future) but for the moment, I was dealing with this young girl, and my RM Boyfriend’s impending boner.  I motioned for my Sissy Maid to come over, she was all ears as she seemed to be taking an awful long time, cleaning my room. Candi, I want you to undress this young lady. Candi, looked flustered, after all she is a Sissy Maid, and not a man, My Real Man Boyfriend was also surprised. “Mandy, I brought her here as a present”. I told my Real Man Boyfriend, “look, don’t surprise me with pussy, I have to be in the mood, don’t surprise me with subby’s or any other live being, you are to look good, and pound me. Real Man!”  Laughing, I told Sissy Candi, to strip the subby girl, my RM Boyfriend shrugged and sat back down on the sofa, trying to act uninterested, I could tell he was pretending to pout and be put out, but secretly fascinated by what I might have in store. Sissy Candi, had stripped Monica, by now, the young girl had an exquisite body, no wonder my RM Boyfriend was so enamored by her.  She had very creamy skin and beautiful breasts, long flowing blonde hair. I ordered Sissy Candi to strip to her panties. I have to also add here, that Sissy Candi, is a good looking guy during normal business hours, and is quite well endowed.  However, a sissy maid, non the less. I instructed Monica, to pull Sissy Candi’s clitty out the side of her pretty ruffled pink panties and suck it. My sissy started to blush, “Mistress, must she?” “Hush, I replied, I want to be amused.”  This annoyed me that she spoke, so I ordered my sissy maid to take Monica over to the couch and lick her pussy, I wanted to see some good Lesi sex. My Real Man Boyfriend was laughing and could not believe that I was forcing my maid to have oral sex, with his subby.  I said, RM Boyfriend if you want any more of This, pointing between my legs, then you better be quiet!  He knew I meant business. Monica was moaning, and I was enjoying this show, when the brainstorm struck me to have my sissy maid, have sex with his subby!  Lesi sex show time it was. I was getting so turned on, watching the two girls go at it. I think my Real Man Boyfriend was shocked and also getting so turned on watching my live show, right in my living room. I took my RM Boyfriend’s hand, my glass of Pomegranate and headed up the stairs… Candi, you can cum on the living room table, then you can lick it up, and get out the Windex. I was missing in action the rest of the day. I guess I worked up my RM Boyfriend enough to keep him going for the hours that were to follow.

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