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I am going to call Pussy Boy… Lisa, is her new name, and will watch me pleasured by a Real Man… she is going to pamper me.. and take care of me.  Lisa is going to get some cream pies…

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Sorry it has been so long since I have updated you on my exploits, but so much has been going on.. Oh my goodness, you have no idea..how hectic it has been. The traffic down the Garden State Parkway has been so heavy, Darcy and I have been traveling back and forth, we have been stuck on there in traffic, the better part of the morning more then once, it is getting old. It is mainly because I have to keep

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Hi everyone... weekend is almost over, but my special is running tonight, I will be in the mood tonight and this week of course to have you stroke for me. Be sure to use my $20 for 20 minutes of hot cock stroking special, YOU MUST mention it, to get it. Otherwise it is $1.99 a minute.

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Mandy’s Birthday and Cucky Boyfriend

For those of you that have been following the story line, you know that months ago, Cucky boyfriend sealed our fate to each other, I tease and torment him, he runs off to hide from my power, only to return to my evil and delicious grip.

He craves my control, and likes to be under my spell, I like when he comes to play with us. Of course we all know he is not man enough for me, but he dreams on. Cucky BF also likes to suffer at my feet, and worships ...

Mandy at the summer house, update on what has been going on….

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I have not been online or around in a few weeks. My husband and I pack up every year about this time, and go to LoveLadies at the Jersey Shore...
We love it there, we have a summer cottage, was his parents and they left it to us. We love the beach, love the bars, and the night life, and have lots of friends there, been going there for Years!  We have been golfing and just relaxing. Needed a break, I apologize for not writing in my blog, and answering some ...

Guided Masturbation Instruction for tonight!

I see that T Boy is being a very good wanker, so for tonight the exercise will be as follows..
Get some porn out, and also have my picture showing, as if I am watching you. I want you to get in a chair. and pull your shorts down underneath your balls, take the lotion out and drip some on your C** just as if I were doing it. Watch the clock, stroke for 3 min. Then hands off for 2 min.

More lotion, repeat, stroking slowly for 4 min. Then hands off for 3 min.

More lotion, repeat, stroking for 4 ...