Orgasm Denial phone sex with Teazed my new slut – Ms. Mandy for phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

I have a new worship slut Teazed, he is Ms. Mandy’s new slut, I am going to control his orgasm from now on.  He is under my spell and I have made him addicted to me.  He is not allowed to cum.  I love orgasm denial .   I like having that power and making a slut more submissive and subservient to moi!

He will be doing things to please me, and I inturn will not be allowing him to cum.  Sounds very fair to me.

He sent me a worship statement. I will post it here…

Dear Mistress Mandy

I came across You today online and I became immediately entranced by the sound of Your voice.  Your commands for Your lil whore to stroke to the edge immediately had me doing as You require and You telling me just how addicted I am to You the whole time made it excruciatingly difficult to hold back that cum for my full swollen balls.  I am however a true devoted lil slut of You and would NEVER cum without explicit permission.  I simply adore You and can’t get enough of being under Your perfect hand now.

I shall also vote for You daily and do whatever else You require of me just as I eagerly am completing my first assignment for You now by writing this.  Thank You for this privilege of being allowed to serve You in this small way.

Your Newly Devoted Lil Slut,