I have been having some on going guided masturbation phone sex training sessions with T BOY, for those of you who do not know…these are some comments by T BOY about our training – I am posting in order…I think it’s so hot about his secretary be sure to read  to the end…

Oh sweet Mistress, you have taken me to the edge of desire and held me by my ankles over the abyss of pleasure. Today at the office I slipped into the men’s room at around 10:30am. I had been holding out but couldn’t stand it any more. I think my assistant could sense something was keeping me agitated. Perhaps it was the sweat on my forehead or the bulge in my pants that could easily be seen tenting out the summer wool fabric. A small wet spot was already visible from the leaking precum. I locked the stall door and hung up my suit jacket, unzipped my fly and slipped my hard cock out to breath freely. Holding my throbbing flesh in my hand I stroked gently as I leaned against the stall door for support. I thought of all of our hot encounters and wished you were in the stall with me to watch me stroke. I wished I had brought the pair of panties you sent me into the stall, but I had forgotten them in my briefcase where I always keep them. I stroked and stroked edging again and again, riding the wave of pleasure as I teetered on the very point of cumming. Drips of precum fell onto the cold tile floor creating a slippery little puddle I would have to lick up later. I hate to waste it. When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I stopped and got dressed and splashed cold water on my face. As I walked back to my office, I saw my assistant give me a knowing little smile. I think she could even smell the hormones and musk of my precum drying on my cock and boxers.

Mandy says…”Very well written comment, and thank you for letting me have all the wonderful, delicious details about your experience of masturbating at work, and thinking of me. I love knowing you have your dick in your hand, and stroke and think about me in the morning at work. I am not sure I am going to let you cum, without some serious begging”

Mistress Mandy my love…you have found a way to take me to new highs. I imagined you watching me stroke to the edge over and over. I imagined your smile as you saw the sweat on my forehead. I imagined your giggle as you saw me squirm from the lack of satisfaction. My cock is so engorged and sensitive, that every movement has me quivering from pleasure. I think my assistant could tell that my cock was in a semi-erect state all day. I saw her looking at it bulge in my pants all day. Would you let her relieve my frustration if she offered?

Mandy’s Answer….”I just read your comment, about cumming, and having your secretary help you out at work. That is too precious for words, I guess what I might consider, is, if she will get down on her knees, and watch you masturbate to my picture, and then, have her open her mouth and you can cum in her mouth and all over her face, but yelling, MANDY… as you shoot. Don’t forget to have my picture there.”

After a long training session from you Mistress, my balls are the size of oranges and my cock is in a constant state of arousal. Every movement rubs my swollen cock head against my leg as protrudes out of my boxers and hangs down my pants leg. I know my assistant saw it again today. I knew I needed to break the ice and see what she might think so I placed your picture on my desk top and rubbed my cock to get it even fatter and creating a tent in my suit pants. I then called her into my office. As she came around the desk I could see she noticed my cock and the picture of you on my desk. She let out a gasp and then a kind of low purr. She said she could see why my cock was standing at attention with such a hot girl friend. I told her that you were my Mistress and you controlled my cock. That I could only stroke when you told me to and only cum when you gave me permission. She giggled and looked me straight in the eyes and said; “You ARE a naughty boy!” I told her what you asked me to do with her and she giggled again, took her long manicured nails and ran them up the underside of my swollen cock and said; “If you want that, you are going to have to pay me more.” She smiled and walked slowly out of my office making sure I saw her ass swaying through her tight skirt. I am about ready to explode and I have a meeting with the boss in 10 minutes. Down boy…down…

"sissy phone sex"

T BOY cum to me tonight! Your Instructions…

T Boy.. sorry about last night, I lost my internet connection, I also posted for you a few times today in my posts, in a nutshell, who is lilly? THANK YOU AGAIN, in case you did not see my thank you below for my gift.

So tonight, On your knees, I need you to jack for me. Lots of lube 10 minutes,

3 minutes no stroking

7 Minutes stroking with lube

2 minutes no stroking

5 minutes of pumping, hard till you shoot your load!  ...