Tranny foot worship phones sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I enjoy guided masturbation phone sex calls, and also fetish calls as you all probably know.  I had a hot fetish phone sex call the other day, this guy told me he went out with his girlfriend to a tranny club.  He had been talking to her about his foot fetish and he mentioned to her, if she wanted, he would give
her a foot rub when they got home. They are friends and she was laughing.  This caused her to put her feet up on the bar for B** to worship at the tranny club.  He told me that he really wants to worship feet badly.  How bad would he
like to worship her feet?  She kept teasing him about how much he wanted to.  She went off for a bit, and
when she returned,  she had a tranny with her, and said if you sniff the tranny’s  feet,
you can sniff hers as well.  So B** hesitated and she dangled her heels,  but first he had to
sniff the trannies foot.

The three of them went outside and she brought over a tranny and
made B** sniff the tranny’s feet.  The tranny had girlish heels and feet and stockings, the
tranny’s feet smelled like dirty feet and leather. (YUK) Then his gf was laughing, and  she wanted him to kiss the tranny’s feet,  so he did. That’s so humiliating, but the
tranny giggled and apparently loved it, so B** wanted to sniff his gf’s feet but she made him kiss tranny feet some more. (I like the added humiliation, don’t you?)  She told him to come inside, and when they got inside bar, she put her feet up
on the bar, and she said to him, “if you want to worship my feet you have to do it here,” so, she put her feet up on the
bar,  and everyone was watching.  At which point  he buried his nose in her toes. I asked him what the people in the bar around him thought, and he said that everyone
giggled and said it was hot and funny!

Can’t wait to hear an update on more she male feet sniffing!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy