Office masturbation lesson for tomorrow, back to work with Mandy! Call me for your jack off phone sex session at 1-877-732-6360 +

It is back to work tomorrow, summer is near an end, the weekend is over, time to masturbate at the office again for Ms. Mandy!
One of my caller’s put the idea in my head. He told me that he is going to buy some panties and wear them under his clothes at the office.  Once that I heard that, I could not resist, I told him, tomorrow he would have to jack off at the office, during a hot
guided masturbation phone sex  session with Ms. Mandy.  I think that he should buy some sheer panties – bikini’s or boy shorts, might be nice, and a few pairs so there is a change.  Just in case I  decide  that he/YOU should wear them more then one day a week!

I have some office stroker’s that jack off in the men’s room, at their desk’s, they bring panties and lube. Some do it with their secretary in the room, the poor girl’s don’t know boss has dick out under the desk.

Also – let’s talk about butt plugs, maybe a small one, that could be inserted and worn at work, Maybe a little relief in the men’s room for me, You can call me on your cell, and we can do a call…I can do all the talking. Just a thought…………..

So, I am putting up an office masturbation  audio here on my blog. It has been a while since I posted one. Get you all excited at work, and for work tomorrow. You can jack off for me!

Be careful!  Jack off at your own risk, DO NOT GET CAUGHT!

xoxo’s Mandy

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