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Guided masturbation phone sex with panty boys. Wear your panties for Ms. Mandy and you will be addicted to her sexy voice and have a hard orgasm as well.This is very important!  I need to discuss being a panty boy,  First, what is a panty boy?  It is a boy who loves and adores panties.   Then of course there is panty worship, that is much more involved,  Ms. Mandy has had panty boys, beg to lick her pussy through her panties!   Now, don’t you wish you were between my legs panty boy?

Getting back to the matter at hand.. no pun intended.  I received a very interesting instant message from Midwest panty boy…

check it out…..

midwest: there is a college aged girl at
jcpenney about a half hour away that knows i wear panties and she loves
midwest: and the mature sales lady at the local store by me freaked
when i told her lol
midwest: would u freak out if i came to your door
asking for your panties?
midwest: you blogging or playing with your
sweet self?

I love Midwest stroker boy, he has an enormous panty collection, it has grown 300 pairs since last year, do any of you guys out there have a big collection, he has the biggest I have heard of so far.  I like to dress him in layers of panties, and have him masturbate  for me in layers at a time, with lotion.

He has pink panties vanity fair, and beige granny panties on.. and owns over   1200 pairs of stolen
I gave him an assignment to go and get a pair of panties and write to Mistress
Mandy on the panties, and jerk off into them, as he licks my picture and
masturbates.  He was wearing his Mom’s Vanity Fair panties and I had him put on
another pair of panties, then some lube and jerk off into the panties as I
taunted him.
I do love a panty thief.  Midwest panty boy, has a thousand plus pairs and
a growing collection, we go way back, in fact he reminded me that
I had him hump
a pile of panties and cum on them one day
How is that for kinky?  Pretty good masturbation techniques.
I like a dirty stroker boy, going into the hamper and snatching panties,
and going home and jerking off into them. I gave Midwest Stroker the
assignment.. let’s see if he and complete the task. I will keep you posted!

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