Little dick humiliation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Losers, you are in luck because I have decided to give you a dose of phone humiliation, and put my fav guided masturbation phone sex  and sph discussions on the back burner for a few minutes.  When you call me to tell me about your little dick, loser let me tell you,  the joke is going to be on you!  Having a little dick is not uncommon, trust me,*sigh*  I know.   Needing to be humiliated for being a loser is not uncommon either. But what might surprise you is a lot of guys that call me are not even that small.  Many are average, and some even have big dicks, but they know inside that they are a loser and a disappointment anyway, and so they have a special need for me to humiliate them about their pathetic dicks.

Of course it is obvious that there is always someone bigger and better than you, you know that right?  But there is no one better than me at humiliating and abusing losers like you.  My hot bitchy body and attitude will make that tiny thing grow as big as it is gonna get.  Maybe we can even make it seem BIGGER by making the rest of you feel
smaller.  That is nature’s juxtaposition theory.  My cruel cutting remarks will whittle you down to size, and maybe that will make your joke of pecker seem somehow bigger?  I will shrink your manhood and your ego as I compare you with my better and stronger lovers. Don’t you wish you could watch me get with a real man?  So many of you do. That also makes me laugh at how pathetic that is.

Now here is the question. Is it hard yet, loser?  Even if I watch you on webcam it is sometimes hard for me to tell your size since you are so small!  If you aim it at the camera, sometimes it looks big, now that is a thought, aim it dead on and I can tell you how big you are loser, I might be the only one able to do that.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy