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My first love is and was cuckold phone sex.  I love the whole ambiance about being the cuckold wife, of making my husband happily and submissively miserable.  I live in a full time cuckold marriage.  I cuck my hubby so they say.  He has adjusted to the fact that we have limited or no sex and that I take lovers to satisfy my craving for carnal lust. I need to be satisfied.  My husband should be glad as work is is first love anyway, that makes for a great marriage as I love fucking, and all the things money can bring. I get both, whenever I want.  It does not get any better then that.

I had the pleasure of a cuckold phone sex call last night with a caller who I refer to as Laurie’s Husband.  He has written the story below, I am going to read some of it to you, so listen to the audio blog cast and enjoy!


The Callback – Part I
by Laurie’s Husband

I called you last night and told you to meet me tonight at 8 o’clock sharp.

I left you 6 months ago when I decided that I was tired of getting myself off by riding your cock. I wanted to be fucked by giant cocks that could satisfy me. You cannot resist me and I know it. I have plans for you and tonight you will learn what you must do.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

Come in and close the door.

I walk slowly to the center of the room and turn to face you. You stand there in awe of me. I am wearing a mini, light green satin robe on top of a pair of white shear stockings. My beautiful brown hair is cut a few inches past my shoulders. It is perfectly styled and radiates a glow as the dimmed light in the room reflects from it. My brown eyes pierce through you. You are amazed at how strikingly beautiful my face, eyes, and lips are to you at this moment.

You are obviously excited to see me. The bulge in your pants tells me all I need to know. Close proximity to my body instantly gets your cock hard.

I know I am beautiful.

I open my robe to reveal my sculpted, hard-body. My 34D tits command your full attention. You can see the white garter belt holding up my stockings and that I am not wearing any panties. My nails are long, manicured, and painted red.

OK baby, here is the deal. If you ever again expect to see my body the way you are now, you will do as I say when I say and not say a word until I tell you to. Is that clear?

You must understand that what I am about to put you through will be difficult, but; it is the only chance that you will have of getting me back into your life. I know you want me. I know you can’t resist me.  Now I am going to demonstrate my terms. If you are able to accept life as I define it, this body will be something you’ll be seeing more of. If you can’t, then you know where the door is and you can go back to stroking your cock and dreaming about me and my perfect body.

OK then. Take off your clothes and neatly lay them over the chair next to you. Good.

Put on this ski mask.

Now, as I slowly drop my robe to the floor, I want you to take a good long look at my perfect body. Do not cum!

Listen carefully to every word I say.

I know you thought I invited you here for some wild make-up sex. That is not going to happen. What is going to happen is that I am going to show you how I deserve to be fucked. I left you six months ago because I got tired of riding your cock. It’s a nice cock. A thick 7 1/2 inches is more than most women get and it filled me up quite nicely. However, I wanted more. I wanted something bigger and I wanted a real man who could fuck me hard and leave me weak and fully satisfied. In all the years that we were together you never did that for me and I could not imagine living the rest of my life unfulfilled in that manner. With this body, I can get any cock I want and once a man gets a taste for me he remains under my spell until I release him.

Stand up, hold your cock and follow me into the bedroom.. Get a grip baby because your ego and my pussy are in for a pounding. You have just submitted to my will and I have the upper hand. You are powerless to stop me. I am in charge and you are along for the ride. Observe the reality that you have always feared. In bed and waiting for me is a naked 6’ 4” Neanderthal with a hard on. He has more muscles in his abdomen than you have in your entire body. Have a seat in the chair at the foot of the bed. I am Mistress Mandy. I own and control your cock. You will sit in that chair and watch me get fucked by this giant cock.

My perfect pussy will be fucked right in front of your ski masked covered face.

You will never again put your cock inside of me. You will worship me; but, you will never, ever fuck me. Start stoking baby and watch your Mistress Mandy do what she does best. Watch as this giant cock makes me cum. Watch as this giant cock gives me the pleasure that you never could or ever will. Do not cum!

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