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Slave matt for those of you just finding my blog is a slave that I have had in training for years.  We have gone over many hills and valleys in the world of phone sex domination .   Slave matt started out as a real life cuckold husband.  He actually  has a wife, who whenever she feels likes it, takes off with a guy,and does what she pleases.  He is a loser husband,  takes the abuse because he is so pathetic.  She had an ongoing relationship for a while, but that has passed, although at a recent rather lavish birthday bash, his wife left with another man, at the end of the evening, without even saying good night to hubby.  Is he pathetic or what? 

If you check on my website on the domination tab, you can find many episodes dating back that retell Slave matt’s progression into the world of forced femme, cock sucking, forced bi, and many other facets of domination that Ms. Mandy enjoys so much.   Here is the link that will lead you to the history behind Slave matt’s colorful
sexual (although no real sex) past.

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What I particularly find fascinating about Slave matt, is the many different avenues we have explored together. I am a true distance training Mistress .  What that entails is, continual and ongoing training, to make the slave or slut, more obedient, more submissive… with sessions and assignments, and these are not r/t sessions purely phone.

Slave matt for a long time focused on being a cuckold husband .  Being a cuckold wife, we were a very good fit. We talked about how his wife would not have sex with him, how he needed some sort of outlet. He was very degraded and loved the humiliation.  He craves humiliation.   He was unable to find a satisfying sexual liaison so I started to insist the he focus on cock.  I also started him along the path to feminization.

Slave matt bought panties, and started looking for dick putting up ads and trying to find cock.  Many ads, and years later he has perfected the art of cock sucking, and now has progressed to being an anal slut as well.
It is not easy to get an ad to work, because the other person has their own agenda and the person posting the ad of course, has his.

I had Slave matt do MANY configurations of what I thought would bring willing subjects to the forefront and have him cocks to suck.  Not so however, because for every dick out there, there are hundreds of cock suckers, plus many of the ads on line are only guys pretending they will meet, wasting time, and jerking off while they are typing.  So sad.

W/we have been able to find dick to suck, sometimes he would scare me, with the dangerous positions he would put himself in. I would get pictures of him in panties, I would get pictures of him with cum facials, he is very amusing.  He has a little dick also, that can not satisfy anyone. Oh, and there was a time that he had one girl, who professed to be a dominatrix, only to have sex with Slave matt.  I have to really laugh because a true domme would never have sex with her slave. That is another story for another time.

Now Slave matt has gone a new route, he is becoming a cross dressing faggot, and I do enjoy this as you know.  I enjoy feminization and cross dressing immensely.  Slave has asked me to feminize him and I will take on the task happily.  There are many things I can do to transform a slut into a girl.

We had had a session where I told Slave matt that I was turning him into a girl and now it is happening. Another thing I should mention here, is Slave matt has quite the intellectual side to him,  Many times, I have to give real thought to what he proposes, as he is quite deep in his kinkiness.  He is posting ads now as a cross dresser, he feels that he will attract men looking for someone to give them relief, give them the opportunity to explore their fantasy, possibly a lot of married men, who just can’t dominate at home,  Slave matt is a true submissive and craves a dominant master/mistress.

All this being said, he is now a cross dresser, he has sent me some photos,  here is an excerpt from one of his recent emails to me..
You may recall that during our last conversation i talked about getting dressed up and though it might attract more straight/bi guys… and i think that worked. Several of the messages i received were from married guys who like the idea of doing a CD. i took care of the two guys on Friday night … one was Dom the other not, so it worked out pretty well. They took turns fucking me and, in the end, one came in my mouth and the other on my dress.

i don’t think i need to re-post any ads yet as i still have guys contacting me from the previous ad. i have emails back and forth with 4 different promising guys right now. Just working through logistics as only one of them lives alone and can host. The others require hotels, which just makes things a little harder. Two of them are a bit scary for me, because they have huge cocks and i am not sure i can take them … one said he prefers getting sucked off though so i’ll probably focus more on him. i will vote and keep You posted on any new developments. i do have a couple of business trips in March which will cut into my time a bit, but i am sure i can satisfy at least a couple more men in tha time.” slave matt (or michelle)

As you can see, Slave is on it’s way to becoming the girl he is meant to be…  He has sent me quite a new look in photos where he is really femme and I am loving it,  We did a session and discussed how he was used, and fucked, and abused, and it was quite a fun time for me, then I further degraded him, did I mention he has a very little dick, (also included in photos..)

To be continued..

Mistress Mandy