Rocky…humiliation phone sex and guided masturbation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I have a guided masturbation phone sex slut named Rocky.  I have been writing about him and he serves Me!  He called me for our last session he was watching porn, toll me he was dripping, I do not let him cum so his balls are blue, shades of purple, veiny and waiting for Ms. Mandy.   Obviously Rocky is  Never allowed to cum without me. Orgasm denial  is mandatory and with my permission and instruction only. Rubbing blue balls, dripping precum and licking it up.  Guided masturbation phone sex with Me. I own and control him.
Use Rocky for my amusement, he stays hard because I deny him. Very easy to get hard because he is denied. Maybe he is ready for a ruined orgasm. I will torment and tease my lover boy. Getting him all worked up. Might not let him cum, he says it is my prerogative, not to let
him cum. Now giving him teasing and denial phone sex. A note from Rocky….

Thank you once again for the exquisite and humbling experience of our
last call. After 14 days of your subtle teasing and visiting your site
and blog the slightest breeze could bring me to a throbbing erection.
Your voice always goes straight to the root of my tender blue balls.
Most of the call was a blur, you were in my head, taunting me
…humiliating me…with my own warped fantasy to be forced to consume
two weeks of boiling gizz…you pushed me to ride the edge over and
over bringing me close only to make me stop and tease me about my
pending mouthful….then back to the edge. Then with sweat rolling down
my brow…my back arched….head propped up on pillows …and my fist
flying you order me to open wide and Cum on my face…..I remember your
giggle …and my heart miss a beat as you told me lick myself clean. My
god Mistress you are a talented seductress …..I prey that you never
grow tired of amusing yourself at my experience.
Thank you again Mistress
Your horny toy, ROCKY

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy