Slave in SD – CBT, Domination, GREAT SESSION! Slave served Ms. Mandy well!

I dressed my Slave in SD up tonight in  Blue Panties, white high heels, pantyhose, lipstick – cock sucker RED of course. You must know how I love to dress him up and humiliate him. He is a great slave. I had him put on his nipple clamps, also he got his toys out for me, the ball stretcher, spatula, clothes pins..

Ms. Mandy’s cock was getting very excited in preparation for this session,,, I watch it as it was getting nice and hard, especially as he put on the ball stretcher. Seems he likes me to torture his cock and balls, which is a turn on for me. My slave went to the trouble to make MY cock and balls totally smooth and silky, by shaving off all that nasty hair, my cock and balls look VERY NICE!  Then he lubed up My cock, I let him pump away, then I took his hands off! I teased him repeatedly.
After getting my slave all worked up, I had him put a bunch of colored clothespins on his balls, so they would make pretty patterns on the webcam while I watched him jack off!  It is so pretty !  Red, pink, orange, green, yellow ones, they are so pretty. They like flap up and down, and it makes a great pattern to watch.
Not to forget we did a cock sucking lesson with the dildo, for some  sucking training. Turning him into my very own cock sucker..  He is sucking, and pulling on the nipple clips for and making my cock twitch! So hot..  Getting close, had him take his hands off again. I can be so cruel.
Finally I had my Slave take the Dildo out of his mouth, stand up, pump that cum into a cup!

Here are some pics from our session

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Sorry it has been so long since I have updated you on my exploits, but so much has been going on.. Oh my goodness, you have no hectic it has been. The traffic down the Garden State Parkway has been so heavy, Darcy and I have been traveling back and forth, we have been stuck on there in traffic, the better part of the morning more then once, it is getting old. It is mainly because I have to keep

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As always, life is getting in my way of having fun. My boyfriend is complaining that we are not having our usual quota of non stop sex. I miss having it all the time, I have to go to the accountant tomorrow, had to go to the dentist today. I mean, when am I supposed to have sex. I am going to be spending the Morning at the Salon, getting my hair and nails done. I also need to go to the mall.