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I love cuckolding! I love to do cuckold phone sex calls, as many of you stroker boys already know. I began training my husband this way, having him masturbate every day longer and longer, I would have him stroke, and stroke, and then when he seemed not to be able to last any longer, I would cool his dick down, and lock it up. Yes boys, it can be mean but it is very efficient, I needed him to be under my spell and he is, as you all know.  I like chastity! A Lot!

The next session was even more effective, I would have him stroke even longer, he thought that  I might let him cum. But guess what?

You got it!  No cumming for him..

This continued the following day, the first day, my hubby stroked only for 5 minutes, the second day he made it till 8 minutes. Each time that I could see that he was close, I did not let him argue, I would take his hand off.  Then I would make him get it soft, and then I would lock it up. The following day, I did it again, I asked him, “would you like to try again?”
“Yes,”  he replied. I opened up his short’s, handed him some lube, and asked him to start stroking again. He did so eagerly, his cock was bright red, bordering on purple, swollen, and bigger now, then I ever remembered. “Please let me cum” he begged. “No, I need you to jack off for me, and no Cuming, I am going to control you totally, and this is just the beginning of your submission.”  “Yes, Mandy”, my husband said submissively.  This was how it all started.

So……… now that you know a little about me…

How long do you think you can hold out?  You are up against my soft sexy voice.  I might you want to shoot your load? I am ready to instruct you, get your dick in hand, and be ready for me to torment you to the edge, make you beg, and then start over again!

I like adding  fetish into our session’s sometimes, but not always, if you have one, you can share it with me. I need to know what it is, and we will explore it. I will add your fetish to your masturbation session. If you like, I will set up a schedule and you can masturbate and report to me. I can even put your
results on my blog.

I will control MY COCK!   Are you aware that  the longer you are hard, the harder you will cum? I want your orgasm to be very intense, so long hard stroking will provide the stimulation you need for this to happen. Are you ready to do this for me. Stroke for me, I am a pervert that needs you to do this. Make me happy, Stroke long and hard.

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