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Rocky the cum eater.. Cum eating Stroker boy in Colorado, likes to
masturbate  and was in need of some cum eating instructions,  and wanted to serve Ms. Mandy,  to be humiliated and used by me!  I gave
him what he asked for.  I always say be careful what you wish for.  Stroker boy
said he wanted some humiliation phone sex, that has many meanings.  Humiliation
means different things to different people.Rocky said, eating his own
cum is humiliating.  Yes, I would have to agree, telling a Mistress you Want to
eat your own cum is highly humiliating. I had him stroke for me, I said to him..
I will make your useless cock cum in your mouth.  I heard a moan at the other
end of the phone.  I thought he came, but instead, the moan was that I had
turned him on with my crazy words.
Today I also had a guy wanting humiliation on webcam, I asked him if he had
a little cock, sometimes humiliation takes the form of small penis humiliation.
He got on webcam and he had a big cock, I said however, wow,, your one incher
there… could NEVER satisfy me.  That did it, he was hooked, I made fun of his
little cock.
Getting back to Rocky.  He was a very good stroker, he had not cum in 14
days, he assured me he would have a big load.  Guess what?  I told him he had to
eat his cum for me.  Cum eating phone sex, that is really humiliating. You have
to make a phone sex call, and beg me to let you eat your cum.  I like making you
a cum dumpster for yourself. I will be using my Stroker boy in Colorado
more, I will keep you posted.
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy