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Well Claire  has been putting me through my paces.  Last Friday I was at her house and 2 of  her friends were there and after they dressed me up in a pink dress with matching bra and panties and they found pink nylons to go with the outfit.  Then they fixed my face and then put on a red wig and then 4″ heels.  They had me walk around and tell then that I was  a slut.  Then we went out to the park – this was around 2 am  and they had me walk in front of them calling out loud that I need  to be fucked and I want to  suck dick.  After awhile Claire came up to me and took the dress off and told me to find a cock.  After 20 minutes I found  a man waking his dog. when he saw me he could tell he would get lucky.    Claire told me to get on my knees and show the nice man what a slut I am. So I did, and after I undid his pants he had a nice cock about 9″ and very thick. I went down on him and he enjoyed my mouth. Soon he tensed up and I received a big load of cum which I swallowed then I licked his cock clean.   He said thanks slut, and  started to leave, but Claire told him that he could do anything he wanted to me. He told us that he would be back tomorrow with a friend  and to have me wearing the same outfit.  The next night we were there and soon the guy showed up with his friend and soon I was getting it at both ends.   When they were ready to shoot their cum it was in my mouth and on my face.   I was allowed to jerk off and as I was ready to cum I  caught it in my hand and swallowed my cum in front of everyone.  With the nice weather coming I guess I will be walking the park more often.  Your slut R J

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