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I enjoy training a pretty girl with some sissy phone sex. Susan is such a sexy girl, I am making her my creation. She is addicted to Ms. Mandy.  Feminization can be done rather effectively during a feminization phone sex call. Susan is so sexy. I train her and she is addicted to me more then ever.  I give her assignments and dress her up, she pleases me.  She has written me a report of our last encounter, do read on:

Dear Mistress Mandy
It is Susan your sissy who loves you so much. You know I do what ever you request of me. I just completed my 30 Mandy strokes in front of the mirror with your picture right in front of me. I was wearing black lace satin panties. I did not cum.  Just about did but used hands off technique you’re teaching me as I become yours.  I love you as you make me more yours I  am weaker with  love each stroke.  I want to be yours, you own me.

I love our session together, I am become so girlie for you.  I am shaving weekly.  Taking bubble baths at least once a week.  I think wearing pretty lacey panties to work, is a huge turn on.
You know I have an need to steal panties that have been worn by really pretty girls.  I do this because when I wear them and then call you.  It is like I have your sweet beautiful pussy right in front of me.  I love the smell, the softness and the taste knowing where it was next to a wet pussy.  I kiss and lick on your command.  I asked you to let me suck them while doing my Mandy strokes.  I love you for letting me be yours.  I wish I had a pussy and clitty so I could have lesbian sex with you.  My tongue loves doing magic for you.   I love it when you have an orgasm for me while sitting on my face rocking back and forth as I swirl my tongue.  Your clitty is so hard and I  love flicking it as I watch your eyes roll all around.  Your moan and movement of your body shaking.  You Mistress Mandy,  you are the best thing that is ever happened to me. I want to please you.

Mistress since I am all yours….can we arrange things I must do more and more to please you, I will be willing to  follow your instructions, just to prove my love for you. I am desiring you,with love your Susan

Such a delicious email, my pussy is wet thinking about Susan serving me.  She is my pretty girl.  I will allow you 50 Mandy strokes a night, in front of the mirror, take you hand away if you get close.  I want your balls full and ready to explode next time we play.  Love, Mistress Mandy
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