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Sissy phone sex with Mistress Mandy.  Chazzy is my latest creation. I own and control Chazzy. Formerly a man, I have turned her into a girl.  I had her burn her men’s underwear, she is now to wear only women’s lingerie, panties in particular.  I like her in panties, and when I dress her up, I have her repeat
over and over, “I am a girl, I am a girl!”  She has a high sissy voice, and it gets higher as I make her say it over and over.

Chazzy has been trying to be a boy, But I have made him sure he is a girl, but he is thinking about naked boys.  He has shaved all his hair off, at my command, and he did. He thinks about boys after he shaves. Then he painted his toenails, and then he wonders, and thinks he is a girl instead.His tiny dick just sticks in his panties, I told him to tuck it, it’s only 5 measly inches. He is a girl with a little clitty, little tiny clitty, all shaved.  I am making Chazzy say he is a girl. I am brain washing Chazzy. She is saying it over and over. A sissy girl, with a sissy voice. Making me laugh. She thinks she is a faggot.  Chazzy is addicted to Ms. Mandy.

Going to Macy’s to get a makeover in girl clothes, she is going to get a hard on in her skirt. Then once made up, she will go to the gym dressed up as a girl, and suck cock. Now she is sucking her own cock. Cock sucker!  Chazzy is a cock sucker and a girl.
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