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Sissy Phone Sex and guided masturbation phone sex, as well as domination, cuckolding, orgasm denial, and cross dressing are all of great interest to me. I now own and control a new sissy slave  by the name of LaFemme, she has come to me for extreme guidance in her transformation and I above all will provide it. We had a long detailed session and I have already found out much about her. I will recount below what transpired.  For those of you shy of calling, this will be a help, a learning aid in your transformation. You may call me, when you are ready but for now, read on and enjoy.

LaFemme told Me, Mistress Mandy that she feels that she is a woman on the inside, she is looking for a Mistress and heard that Ms. Mandy is the best Mistress. And that is why she phoned me for telephone domination phone sex.   She said that the word is out that I am the very best phone Mistress for feminization and everything else. LaFemme is looking for feminization and sissification. She wants to be a female sissy not a male sissy, because she is a woman.  She is going to on my blog a lot because and of course she is sending me tributes. She will be buying me shoes, as I am into my feet being worshipped. I do foot worship phone sex. She has found privacy so that with O/our sessions,  it is just me and her.

She is focusing on Me, Mistress Mandy. This is for my amusement, and her training and transformation.  Sissification phone sex with LaFemme and Mistress Mandy, she will do everything I train her to do. She will do what amuses me, whatever it takes. So how does it feel to be a woman on the inside, I ask her?  She says it is very confusing because on the outside, she is so different how she feels on the inside, then she looks on the outside. She is in touch with her femininity.  She says that she feels so beautiful on the inside. She associates with a lot of woman. LeFemme feels 23 on the inside, so her regular real world female friends are much older then she is.

W/we are going to do email training. That is additional cost. Is LaFemme a cross dresser or a female. She says at the moment she is a cross dresser but a female on the inside. Because she has been taking a lot of hormones that have turned her into a woman.  She says she loves and worships Me, Mistress Mandy. You will be hearing a lot from LeFemme, as she is in need of a lot of training. This sort of training comes with Tributes as well. This training is 100% what she needs and desires. She has wanting feminization phone sex as long as she can remember, for years. She heard about me a long time ago when she started reading my blog, She finally decided to make the call to me for her sissy phone sex training. She was very shy at first, but now she is coming out, my blog turns her on, because of all the sissy stories, and she knows they are true tales. She enjoys reading about my sissies. She wants me to explain to her thru emails what the process is to be feminized thru paid emails.

She has a really nice lipstick, that her friend gave to her. She is putting some on now. She wants to know how to put on lipstick. The way I do it is this.  I use some on the top lip starting in the top middle going to left corner of lip, then right lip going to right corner. She loves the lipstick, it is rose colored and now the bottom lip. She says she looks chic she says. LeFemme the girl. She has a very small penis, and it irritates her and humiliates her if anyone sees it. She prefers to consider herself a real woman. She was born looking like a man on the outside but a woman on the inside. She is not feminine in the natural world. But in the internal world she is a real woman.  She is humiliated being a man on the outside. Her little dick humiliates her. We are going to focus on her being, I will remind her of her little useless dick that prevents her from being a real woman, even though she is actually a real woman. She embraces that fact that she is a real woman, (mentally) I think this awesome that she knows that she is not really a man.
LeFemme, is intellectually advanced as far as I can tell.  She reallys loves me, and although a real woman, her preference is to be with a woman, because she is a lesbian, but, conflicted she also looks for men. Because she is a whore, slut, and a bad girl.
My blogs and websites caught her attention.
I also have a sissy phone sex area on my website.
She feels so good being able to be open now about her true femininity because she has been hiding it all these years.