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Cuckold phone sex with ME, Mistress Mandy, below you will see the humiliating account of Mandy’s husband, wishing that he was a real man. I use and control him. He adores and worships me.. read on..

Dear Mistress:  I need you. I need to be humiliated the way only you can. No one else on the planet does to me what you do. I long to hear you remind me how unworthy I am and tell me how your beautiful body can only truly be satisfied by a Real Man! Please Mistress, let me back into your service again. I need you to tease and torture me. I need you deny me. I need you to laugh at my weakness and seek amusement in my pain.   Your Devoted Servant

My answer:
Dear Mandy’s Husband:
I plan on putting you back on the right path. You need to serve and obey me.
As for you, I want you to stroke for me today.  10 minutes of edging every hour. You can start begging later.
Love you as always, Mistress Mandy

Dear Mistress: When I am in your service I am always thinking of you. I wake up thinking of you and the same goes for when I go to sleep.
During the day it is difficult to remain focused on my job because I  am thinking about you and the fulfillment of your orders.
Hourly edging is not possible because my work does not provide me with the type of privacy required. I know this is failure but that is what I am, a failure. My thoughts drift between envisioning you and envisioning my wife having sex with giant cocked bulls. When the giant cock studs are having sex with you and her they are satisfying both of you completely. Each of you are so pleased to have a giant cock inside of you and pounding your pussy for what seems like hours. On the other hand, I know that when I am allowed to have sex with my wife, I have to stroke my cock to get it hard and then when I do get permission to put it inside, I may get 30 seconds  and a dozen pumps in before I lose control and release my less than adequate load. I then dismount slowly and roll out of bed to work or to the sofa. It is my thoughts of you and her being pounded that provide me the most pleasure. While I can’t make it to hourly edging, I can break free long enough to vote and fantasize.  The men I see each of you with are white, tall, and large. Large like football linemen large. They don’t talk much and only want to fuck beautiful women like you and my wife. You are far superior to my wife in every way but she is an attractive woman all the same. Please consider this email as an outline of my psyche. Please twist it and control it as you please. A lot goes on in my head and that is where you can do your best work on me. Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress:  Spending another night on the sofa alone. I am beginning to think that my wife prefers to sleep without me in the bed.
Tonight when I finished my work and headed to the bedroom I found the door locked and the lights off. It’s not the first time and I am sure it won’t be the last. I guess I will just think about you and her getting what you both really want and edge as ordered.  Your Devoted Servant

My answer: Dear Mandy’s Husband:
I am glad you are on the sofa alone where you belong as your wife is satisfied by a real man.

Dear Mistress:  I don’t think my wife was with anyone last night however; I am pretty sure she was using the new dildo I bought her.
I have not ever eaten cum. My efforts to get my wife off orally have not ever Ben successful thus the dildo to help get her going. She made me get her a big one and now I think she has decided to go without the extra oral stimulation I try to supply.  Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress,This morning I laid in bed thinking of my Mistress. I was soon erect and my penis was protruding from the front of my boxers. My wife noticed what was going on and told me to put it away and that she had no time for any fooling around this morning. I opened my eyes and asked her if it would be ok if I stroked it for her. She was amused at the idea of watching me jerk off. I asked her if I could look at her naked body and jerk off. She said I could look at her tits only and she even let me suck on her nipples for a couple of minutes. I proceeded to stroke but was actually thinking of you. I am still under orders not to cum so I stroked for several minutes until my wife got bored with the whole thing and got up to shower. I enjoyed the whole thing very much. If there is anything that you want me to add to the morning ritual, please let me know. Your Devoted Servant

Dear Mistress: Thank you for your expressed kindness towards me.

I understand and appreciate my role and it’s limitations. You are truly the goddess that I worship. I know that I am not worthy to even look at your most private parts. Seeing your beautiful back this morning was certainly a treat. I immediately envisioned you atop your favorite bull and turning to give me a quick look of acknowledgement and satisfaction.Your Devoted Servant

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xoxo’s Mistress Mandy
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