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Cuckold phone sex with loser Woodsman.  He does not disappoint.   While my stroker boys realize I specialize in guided masturbation phone sex.  It takes on the form of domination.  I have other loves.  Cuckolding men, especially those with small penises.  Small penis humiliation is a fun hobby. I am told you basically have to be mean to do it well.  And although my voice is soft and soothing. I can be cruel.  I can be cruel with a soft voice, then of course there is my evil voice.  Woodsman is totally addicted to Ms. Mandy.   If you type Woodsman into the search box on this blog, you will see numerous blog posts, and very long free erotic podcast cuckold audios, that he sits and jerks his little cock off to.  He does not realize that I am aware of this,  but I have an audience of chronic masturbators. Some masterbaters have little cocks and some have big cocks, which are you.

I do sometimes get a real man, I do love hearing and seeing a guy with a big cock, I even had a guy with a big cock call me recently.  Wanted me to see his little dick on webcam, and when I turned on the webcam, wow it was 12″, and he wanted me to make fun of it.  Are you big or small, want humiliation or should I be your NEXT GFE. Woodsman’s latest conquest is his newest girlfriend he met at work, she is much younger then he is.  I asked him how he gets all these women, he has a little dick, and is pathetic.  He replied that he showers them with attention, listens to their problems, and focuses on them.  Women do like that I suppose.  I would expect gifts and presents, and being taken out to expensive dinners, but that is me.

Also, you know, I ask in advance about cock size, if I can tell a guy is a loser in advance, just keep the gifts coming, I am certainly not going to give up my fuck buddy for you.  My husband knows this is true, he is not even small, and has to endure endless degradation and humiliation, as I flaunt my real man boyfriend in his face.  I have been fucking around on my husband, since early on in our marriage and now he chomps at the bit to see, hear, or get crumbs from me, when I have made a point of enjoying myself with another man.

Woodsman has a neighbor with an 18 year old son, and somehow she convinced Woodsman’s latest conquest (a thirty year old woman) to give her son, a blow job, and you guessed it, the gf did blow the young guy, and of course he had a huge dick.  This guy lives next door and comes over regularly to fuck and get sucked off by Woodsman’s girlfriend.  Woodsman has to use a penis sleeve or extender to have sex with his girlfriend.  She is so small that she can not feel him. Woodsman is a loser with a little dick, he does not deserve to cum, I told him I would lock him up and he would be lucky to get sloppy seconds. Keep tuned, I will let you know how the girlfriend continues to degrade Woodsman with this young stud. xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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