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      Luv Muffin is back at the top of the list on Ms. Mandy’s “Wall of Shame”
if you want to be shown off for the dirty slut that you are, send me in a picture of you
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Wall of Shame

Luv Muffin has been such a dirty slut, he is up to his old tricks, he has a one inch dick that can not satisfy anyone.  I like to tease and torment him, he wears crotchless panties,
obeys Ms. Mandy!
He started out calling me for guided masturbation phone sex, but now he likes fetish phone sex more, with added humiliation.  I mix of kinky fantasies to make his little dick twitch. I like to watch him on webcam and he likes to send me pictures in all of his panties.
Most of you know, that I am a cuckold wife, and when I am not having fun with real men in bed, I am talking to loser’s on the phone, like luv muffin and making his little cock drip!

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy