New Sissy Maid Michell.. Public Humiliation, Crossdressing, Sissy Maid Training for Ms Mandy!

New Sissy Maid in Ms Mandy’s world, today!   Sissy Maid Michell wearing a white petticoat, and a sexy, black maids outfit, that locks on with chain and padlock, what a good Sissy Maid.  She loves being a sissy, Michell, is a long time sissy, served R/T.  One Mistress for 3 years, and a ACouple as well. Enjoys ruffles and petticoats, and being submissive and subservient.  Heels for this sissy, fuck me pumps… 4″ or 5″ heels.  Wearing black patent leather heels with ankle straps for Ms. Mandy today!

Likes to be controled and humiliated like all good sissy’s do. Likes public humiliation, like, wearing a bra and breast forms to the mall. Buys panties at the Mall, and perfume and tells the salesgirl that it is for her. Lives in an apartment and parades in the hallway in a dress. She even got caught once in a white ruffled outfit, by a girl where she lives. Very intense don’t you think?

I am going to control and use you, Sissy Michell for my amusement.  You will be totally addicted to Ms. Mandy, I am going to train you!  So, I want you to get tampons, red lipstick, nailpolish, feather duster. Make sure you are wearing a bra, and breast forms when you go to the store. Ms.Mandy’s New Sissy Maid is going to be Trained!

There was no cumming this session, and I had her put a chastity device on now, You will be wearing this until our next session and be thinking about how Ms. Mandy is controlling you.

"sissy phone sex", "cross dresser"

Mandy Malone loves to dress up sissy gurls