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Rim job called me for sissy phone sex and  is wearing red.  She is super slutty, and told me that she went to the movies, and sat in the movie theater wearing her yellow bra and panties. Rim job Maureen was hoping to get caught dressed up in the theater, (this is a regular movie theater, not a porn shop) and she even walked around.   Finally since the place was empty, she lay on floor and jerked off in the front row, and shot her load on her face, I had to laugh when she told me that she plastered her face with cum. Good gurl, good cum slut. Sat in seat, and got dressed, cum dried on face and she left theater.  I had Rim job is wear cock sucker red lipstick, and write  slut on forehead!  She also has a dildo that I use to give her  cock sucking lessons. Lick the head, down the shaft around the bottoms.  Licking my ass, ready to serve me. Sending pics of my ass for her to lick!

here is a report of a recent adventure by rim job:
Hello Mistress: I was in Enfield Ct. yesterday and I stopped in at the adult book store and Marie was there,  and she  came over to me and asked if I was here to serve her and her customers and of course I said yes.  She took me into her office and had me strip, I was wearing my pink bra and panties, and she loved it.  And then without asking I handed her my lipstick and she applied a heavy amount on my lips and then wrote slut on forehead and drew an arrow to my ass.   After that she put a  collar on me, and then the leash (collar had sissy slut on it).  I was then told to get down on my knees, I was licking and eating her pussy.  When she was done and came on my face and mouth,  she grabbed the leash and led me into the video booths section.  The place was closed except for 6 guys and 3 girls. The first thing I was told to do, was to tell everyone what I was, and why I was there.  So I told them that I was sissy slut cock sucking cum slut, and I was here to get fucked and to suck cock.  After that Marie told me to jerk off in front of everyone, and when I was ready to cum, I was handed a plate to cum on and then I licked the plate clean.  After that I was on my hand and knees sucking and getting fucked.  This went on for a couple of hours until all the guys were drained and I was covered and full of cum. I took care of the women with my tongue and licked their pussy and asses.  I am sore today both my mouth and pussy ass.  All 3 of the girls took turns fucking me with different sized dildos until they got tired of using me.  Almost forgot, after I jerked off, one of the girls put a cock cage on me and I was given the key and I unlocked it, but then I was told to lock it back up and to leave it on for 12 hours for punishment for not visiting the store more often.  I left the place wearing my bra and panties as ordered.  I had to wait  until I found a dark area to get out and get my clothes that were in my trunk.  I  hope to call you this weekend and I will wait until after 5 pm.   And I enjoy the  being used by Marie and her friend and will be going back.  When I do go back I have to have the cock cage on and I have to be dress up like a slut.  The outfit I was told to have on is a very  short black dress, black bra and panties with garter belt, stockings,and 5″ heels and I have to have a black wig shoulder length or longer.  I going shopping Friday to get the outfit …  Rim job Maureen

**another movie adventure by rj

Hello Mistress I went to the movies last night, Expandable 3 was playing  and I was dressed up in a black mini skirt halter top with pink bra and panties and 4″ heels.  There were only 2 people there beside myself. After the movie started I wrote slut on my forehead and cock sucker on each side of my mouth.  Then I walked down to the 2 guys and smiled at them and saidhi.  They saw my face and laughed their ass off at me and asked me if did suck and told them that I also swallow.   One of the guys  said  prove it so I got down on my knees and helped him to pull down his pants and take his cock into my mouth.  And I gave him one hell of a blow job and soon he tensed up and shot his load in my mouth. After he was done I opened my mouth up and showed him his cum and then I swallowed it.  His buddy pulled his cock out, and shoved it my mouth and he came real quick.  They told me sit down and we watched the movie.  They knew I was a guy but they did not care, and I was told to strip down to my bra and panties.  I did keep stroking their  cocks and when they got hard, they each took turns fucking me until they shot their loads in my pussy and then I was told to lick their cocks clean.  They asked me how long I been doing this and I told them all about you, and one of them  pulled his phone out and goggled your site and once they read all about my adventures, they said that they wanted to use me again and then they told me to jerk off and when I was ready to shoot, they told me to catch my cum and they watch me as I swallowed my cum.  They said that they will be at the movies tonight with a couple of friends to help humiliate me more.  They took my lipstick and wrote on my ass, Grade A faggot pussy.  They told me that next time they would make me do more perverted acts.  Can’t wait will talk to you soon.  Your sissy cum slut Rim Job Maureen
Good gurl rim job!  xoxo’s Mistress Mandy
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