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My uncircumcised sexy stroker boy called me for some silent phone sex.  You ask what is silent phone sex  ?  That is phone sex, where you lock yourself in the bathroom, garage, closet…. and call me for some jerking off phone sex, and I let you be silent, while I do all the talking..

Mr Natural has an uncircumcised penis, and I love that!  He asked me had I ever been with one, the answer is Yes!  There is a lot of friction from a big cock head for sure!

I did some naughty role play phone sex , and Mr. Natural stroked while I talked, I think the fact that he could not talk, turned him on even more,  I made him lick up precum, I could hear that he enjoyed the call.  Maybe I will get some of my girlfriends to come over, the girls and I can tease and deny Mr. Natural and his big uncircumcised penis . He shot a big load.. for Ms. Mandy

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