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Those of you wanting guided masturbation phone sex, are in for a treat, because I also specialize in sissy phone sex and sissy lacey is back with a report about our last session.. read it sissies and wish it was you!!

Dear Mistress Mandy
i love love you and here is a recount of our last
session the session started with Mistress Mandy messaging me
and ordering me to get dressed as sissy lacey. i asked Mistress what color panties she would like me to wear pink or
black. Mistress Mandy replied black and I want to see you in stockings. i got myself ready slipping into my black panties which
got my clitty excited as soon as the lacey touched my skin and pulled on my black stockings which had big red bows at the
top. i then got into my pink dress put on a blonde wig and applied candy pink lipstick, i looked at myself in a mirror and
thought what a dirty slut.
i messaged Mistress and told her i was ready to
continue my sissy cuckold training. Mistress ordered me to ring her and to have my toys ready as she was going to fuck
me and fuck me over for having a sissy clitty. i called Mistress Mandy and begged her for my cuckold training, Mistress laughed and told me to grab the dildo and suck it for her on webcam. i licked the head first and then
engulfed the dildo with my mouth. whilst i was sucking Mistress Mandy commented on how girly i looked in my wig and lipstick.
Mistress Mandy continued to laugh at me calling me “a cock sucking whore,” you don’t deserve me, I don’t talk to little
dick losers like you, so you better prove to me that you can suck cock”.

Mistress Mandy instructed me to scoop up any pre cum
leaking from my clitty onto the dildo and sucking
off like a good little whore.  i obeyed my Mistress and followed her instruction to the letter as i only wanted to please my cuckold Mistress.  Mistress Mandy then ordered me to insert my butt plug
into my man pussy. i did try but it was so tight i just could not get it in. Mistress seeing i was having trouble gave me some
encouragement and shouted down the phone “get it in slut i don’t care if it hurts just get it in.  You want it be good sissy
whore for your Mistress”.  i finally got the plug into my man pussy.
Mistress was so happy she let me rub my clitty through my
panties telling i was such a sissy whore and she could make me do anything her heart desired.  Mistress then instructed me
to sit on a chair so the butt plug got pushed deeper into my pussy and
continue to suck the dildo.  i was now bouncing on
the chair feeling the butt plug going deeper and deeper into my man pussy.

Mistress Mandy wanted me to get a dish and spoon so she
could complete today’s training. i quickly retrieved said items and Mistress ordered me to stroke my sissy clit to the edge
while sat on the chair.  i informed Mistress i was close to the edge and Mistress then explained that she wanted me to ruin my
orgasm on to the dish.  i ruined my orgasm as it dribbled on to the dish Mistress Mandy laughed at me, telling me what a
fucking loser i really was and that i wasn’t a real man but a little dicked
sissy loser. When the final drop of cum fell from my clitty
Mistress Mandy laughed and said I now want you to take the spoon and pour it over the dildo. Go on slut I want to see you
on webcam licking and sucking that cum off that dildo.”   i didn’t want to  upset my Mistress and got to my knees and start to lick
and suck the cum from the dildo.  Mistress’s laugh cut right through,

it sounded different and ever now and then Mistress
Mandy would say i was a good cock sucking cum eating sissy whore.
Mistress Mandy then ran through the taxes i was to be
charged for being a loser. 
thank you

Till our next session sissy lacey.  Lacey is a very good cock sucking sissy whore, I am going to humiliate and degrade her further..

Ms. Mandy

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