Office masturbation fantasy

Not only does My Alfredo enjoy my guided masturbation phone sex, he likes it best at the office. My Alfredo loves my office masturbation fantasies, and actually practices them real time for me.  We have quite the history.  I have made him masturbate at work, in the WC!  My Alfredo has done a lot of work on videos for Ms. Mandy.  Further down the page you will see the newest one, it is amazing, he is very talented.   Part of the reason he is so talented is that I have taken control of my cock at the office.  Not cumming makes you more creative.  I am a Mistress of Tease and Denial.  All to your betterment I am sure.

For those of you who do not know, Alfredo has the most creative posts on his blog that worships none other then Me!  Let me post a link here, you will be able to see many posts, there is one entitled Morning Mandy that I love!

I am posting a new office masturbation audio just for you stroker boys out there who love to jerk off as much as My Alfredo does at the office.  Make sure you get ready to masturbate for Mandy!