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I have done a lot of guided masturbation phone sex and domination  sessions with MY slave in SD, I own and control him, this is undoubtedly  true.  We did a weekend session this past weekend.  That is when we do sessions for more then one day in a row.  I have done this on birthday weekends, or sometimes a guy has the house to himself and I get to play with him for more then one time, because he is free to talk to me. That is good it sets the mood for intense role playing.

Usually I dress up my slave in SD, he has an extensive wardrobe.  He has lingerie, a wig, lots of toys, really a LOT of things for me to play with and choose from.  He has makeup and lipstick, many heels.  He dresses up for me on webcam and he likes the humiliation, that me watching and directing him gives him. I have many blog posts on here and his sessions can also be accessed on my personal website by clicking this link…

domination phone sex

He surprised me by showing me his shaved HUGE cock and balls, locked up in a chastity device and he has been wearing it for a few days by the time I see it.  It was awesome. I enjoy orgasm denial phone sex.   Slave in SD had on a wig, and earrings.  I have to tell you how much he makes me laugh when I see him like this.  I love seeing him dressed up like a girl.  I had the bright idea to make him talk like a girl, and this time he did. It was pretty fucking funny!  I call him Mary now!

One thing I must warn you all about. If you say you want orgasm denial or are curious. Do not fool with me, because I will NOT LET YOU CUM!  I don’t care if you ever cum, once I put you in denial you stay there, you can beg and plead and no cumming for you!

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy