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Mistress Mandy has the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. She has a passion for high heeled pointed shoes and whenever I saw them I longed to be under them. One day my wish came true. Mandy was trying to get into a car with some of her female friends and I deliberately dropped a tennis ball under the car. I laid at her feet, pretending to fetch the ball from under the car, but she knew better, and put her sandals right to my face and lips. My lips touched her divine sandals. WOW my wish had come true at last.

As all this was happening one of her female companions asked, “what is going on Mandy?”  ” He is licking my shoe, I think I’ve found myself a shoelicker and a footslave.”  Her companion opened the rear door and thrust her sandal right into my face. Wow, I was loving it.  Mandy then stepped right onto my face,  as she entered the car. “Come over to my house tommorow, I have plenty of work for you, you worthless slave.”  As ordered I reached her house the next day.  Mistress Mandy was sitting on the sofa with a lovely pair of black sandals.

I immediately dropped to her feet and began licking her shoes.  “Bless this slave to always serve you like this, Goddess.” She put her sandal right on my head and blessed me.  “Thank you goddess. You are so caring to treat a slave like this.”  “Go to the room and get all my shoes and lick them clean with your tongue one by one.”  I went inside and got the shoes and started to lick them clean one by one.  While I  was licking her sandals clean, a foot in high heels landed straight on my face.

It was Mandy’s pretty companion. “So this is our slave?”  “Kiss my feet slave, from today you will be my dog and you will serve me as a dog,” she took out her shoe and put some water into it.  “Drink,dog,” was the command.  I did what I was told. It was the best drink I ever had. I love my Mistresses and would be their slave forever.

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