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Slave in UK is addicted to Ms. Mandy.  I have an
entire new concept for my slave in the UK.  He is now a signed slave, we
have a contract, he is on the slave registry, I have owned him for some
time,  only difference is now it is official.  I do enjoy our webcam phone sex sessions.   I do feel that he was mine fully, before he signed and now it is official!   He is a cum slut, who craves Ms. Mandy’s domination and humiliation.  He is MY cum eating, pre cum licking whore.  I love seeing MY cock on webcam.
Slave boy knows how to amuse me.We practice cum eating, he is a cum slut, a cum craving little dick loser,
who needs my guidance and control. He gets MY cock hard at the mere
sound of my beautiful voice.  Don’t you slaveboy?  He has been reading
some of my lasted blog posts on ruined orgasms, I do think it would do
him good to have a few.  I like to practice orgasm control, edge play (I
do not let him just stroke throughout the session, only making him leak
more pre cum)and guided masturbation phone sex.There is nothing more gratifying then taking control of a cock, and
guiding it, and making a little dick loser, know his place, licking up
globs of pre cum, and serving me, the way a cum eating cum slut should.
I have further decided there is a need for said slut to pay for cuming,
ie. cum tax, and also to pay for eating it,
ie .. feeding tax.  He  has been doing both now, I think it is only fair.
As the ancients would say..   “it is a privilege not a right to eat one’s cum.”

I have been thinking of all the ways I can degrade and humiliate my loser by having him have a ruined orgasm, and then drip it on the counter, or in a glass and then make him pay me to eat it!
Ruining an orgasm is total humiliation.

Let me post some notes here on a recent cum eating session with my loser
little dick cum slut in the UK..  I have begun to think the cum tax,
and the cum feeding tax are a brilliant idea.

“I have added in an additional 5 dollars to cum, 5 dollars to release and
eat it, and have told slave boy in advance of tonight’s session that it would be expected of him.


Slave boy came equipped with a string and a candle these are new toys to amuse me, I told him earlier to think
of something to amuse me and looks like he did.  I am having him tie his little
pathetic cock
up for me.  I am watching My slave on webcam and he is tieing it
up for me, and is going to amuse me, not to mention a good cum eating session.
Did I tell you, he oozes pre cum and gobbles it up for me all session long.
Sometimes I make the cum drip out only by talking he does not even touch IT!
He licks it up, without asking, that is how addicted to cum eating he is.
I hear  him slurping away, he is so addicted to me and to licking up the pre cum, that he can not help himself.

By viewing on webcam I can see that  MY cock is all tied up with white cord,
looks so pretty, he used to use a black stocking, I guess it must be Spring. He
is already licking up the pre cum, without any foreplay or chit chat, now I have
him slapping it. He is a dirty fucking masturbating whore that I use for my
amusement. Eat up that precum, I own you, and you have no choice to obey me.
Thanking me all the while.

Now begging me to cum after a good candle ass fucking… making him beg to
cum whilst I laugh… Now he must eat it cause he paid to eat it..

This above is a session from about two weeks ago, we did a phone sex domination session,
just the the other night, without any toys, and yes, he dripped and ate
his cum out of a glass for me.  I enjoy my slave boy so much, he wants
to serve and amuse, but you know, it really is his responsibility, it is
all in the contract.

Wait until our next session!
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy