~~Mandy News~~

Mandy News concerning Ms. Mandy: A lot is happening in stroker land for Ms. Mandy. Some new stroker boy’s that are super sexy, and make Ms. Mandy very hot and horny when they call.  I like to get them going and they know it. They get me going too!  I like panty boys that wear panties and call and tell me, I have them wrap the silky nylon around those wonderful cocks, and masturbate for me.  I also like to do count downs! They are super fun, and can be very exciting.  Boys with toys can be amazing also, and of course the good old webcam.

I have been going to the beach, working out, and doing a lot of good summer stuff, grilling, and shopping, and hanging out with some old friends, I also have been getting some gifts from my wishlist and other online places that some of you fabulous guys are nice enough to send me, including gift cards. I decorated my patio with gift cards, new furniture, a grill and other good things. The house is being renovated and have been back and forth to the summer house on LBI, it’s all good, but first and foremost is the stroking, I can not live with out it, and I know, neither can you!

Owned by Mistress Mandy: Looking at MY cock on webcam that I own. Tying a stocking around my cock, precum leaking out. I am watching him on webcam, making him take a stocking and wrapping it around My cock, I own and control him and he knows it. I have him stroke for me, and he strokes and precum oozes out, as I tell him about the things I will do to him if he does not obey me. He knows what his job is, and he also knows what I will do if he does not fulfill his end of the bargain.

We also talked about my dungeon in London, him licking my ass and pussy, when I make him cum, he knows he is to eat it.

Cum Slut Slave
: Hot as ever very kinky and looking to eat some cum for Ms. Mandy tonight.  We are talking about what type of food he can cum on tonight.  First he suggested cheese, but I think potatoe chips would be better. He is stroking with his cloths on, he said his dick is hard, he has been reading my cum eating entries on my blog.  I see his big cock on webcam, going to make him eat a big load of cum tonight for sure.Panty Licker in GA is a super hot caller, we did a session, made Ms. Mandy so hot and horny. I love when I play with this stroker boy. He has some hot fantasies, a little bondage, some teasing and denial. I like to tie him up, and make him beg to cum! I can not wait to do it again!  Thank you Panty Licker!  Maybe I will put a crotch over your face!  Now how hot is that?
These are a few things he likes to fantasize about: 1)wearing panties, licking panties…with your, or my juices on them,  2) restraint, tied spread eagle and teased endlessly, never cumming, 3) my ass teased, around the opening, then inside. want to experience a “milking” by massaging of my prostate. dress up a little more in a nightie and panties  4) was the dress up a little more part, 6) being restrained, with my face in 1 woman’s pussy, licking away, and another one using a strap-on..slowly until I am excited, then harder and harder.. You know what I say?  Let’s do it!

Luv Muffin: I have had a few calls recently with my “slut” Luv Muffin.  Do not let this sweet name fool you. Luv Muffin is a depraved loser, with a little dick, he likes dirty fantasy phone sex, and loves to be humiliated. I can not tell you how many kinky, dirty fantasies we talk about. He is such a loser. He has a wild panty collection, and likes to send me naked pictures of his cute little dicklette!  Keep them coming Muffin!

Slave Matt is back in town!  My slave Matt has returned, after an absence. He has not been serving, sucking or fucking, he is limited to whatever he was doing. Our last session, I had told him to get some other loser guy to suck him off, (purely as a form of humiliation). He told me he had gone ahead and did this, and he did not seem one way or the other about it, I told him, had he done it near the time of our session, he would have remembered it was for humiliation, so maybe we need to try again.  He had some yearnings for a woman. I had to get him back on track, and re-brainwash him, to remember that he can Not satisfy a woman, that he is small, and useless, and woman wants a real man.  He is going to post for more cock to suck, and get back to serving me full time again. He needs more cock sucking, and more intense humiliation to show him his place.

Sissy Maid Brenna: Wonder bra, in bra, breast forms 38C, crotchless pantyhose, black dress, heels, full makeup, Ms. Mandy loves that.. serving me tonight, a bought a new toy. Jelly vibrator, with simulated head, lubing it up.. cock sucker red lipstick on tonight.  Wig in two toned blonde wig. New Ky jelly, sliding it in.. play with that pussy.. when it’s in, I will turn it on!  She is moaning like crazy. She loves when I fuck her.  Using my strap on, and my girlfriend’s will take turns fucking her pussy..

Compulsive Cock Stroker: I’m a compulsive cock stroker.  I usually beat off at least once a day.  It’s a nasty, shameful habit but it’s really difficult to stop.  I look through my porn stash, my dick gets hard and I can’t help but touch myself. 

Occasionally, I like to deny myself for as long as I can stand it.  I have gone as long as 2 weeks at a time.  I then find a phone sex mistress who can scold me for my weakness, then make me humiliate myself to her by admitting and describing my dirty little habit.  I usually ask her to treat me like a dirty, naughty little boy.  Once she’s thoroughly disgusted by me and has tormented me for a while, she then insists that I squirt my cum all over myself and sleep through the night in my own filth.Is this something you would enjoy doing to me?  I’ve been searching for someone with just the right disgusted motherly tone.  I’ve been denying myself all week and if you’re available I would love it if you could grant me the permission to make my mess this Saturday night.  I’ll behave myself until then.  I promise.  No touching my dick.  No matter how hard I get.