Slave Joey gets beat up by my Hubby! Ball Busting phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I have a rather interesting guy that antagonizes my Husband all the time. He does this, and then he has to pay dearly, as my husband gets really mad and busts this guy’s balls. For those of you new to this, some guys love getting their balls busted.  He gets trampled by my husband, who is a big guy, and very powerful. For some reason Slave Joey, likes to fantasize about having sex with me, when in fact he knows, that he has to please me, by buying me gifts and spending money on me. Our recent encounter was no different than those in the past, he antagonized my husband, who in turn, taught Slave Joey a lesson… here is what happened…

My Wimp Husband beat up slave Joey for calling me and wanting to have sex with Ms. Mandy, can you imagine that?  My big and handsome husband, wimp that he is kicked Slave Joey in the balls,  and then made him buy me gifts, and it was a done deal!  They had a bet going between them, and Slave Joey challenged my big strong husband, saying if he lost, I would get a lot of $$.  Slave Joey thought he could take on my hubby, but before he had a chance my husband kicked poor pathetic Slave Joey in the balls, threw him on the floor, and slapped in his face with his cock. Even though my Husband  is a cuckold he is still more of a man then Slave Joey.  Slave Joey’s tough talk did not even stand a chance!  So Slave Joey lost the bet, and he had to send me a huge tribute.

Now Slave Joey is worried my Real Man Boyfriend will find out. Joey has found out, that my RMB wants to challenge him. If he could not stand a chance about my hubby, he will never stand a chance with my RMB.  Both men are big, and muscular, and he could not even take my hubby, (although hubby is Built ), RMB does karate!  My husband told me that he is going to kick his balls some more.
Slave Joey took on my wimpy husband, and this was what he got…  he got kicked in the balls, and lost, and now my RMB is after him as well, this will be continued of course another time.
It’s pretty humiliating  that he got beat up by my wimpy husband, especially the part where my hubby stuffed his cock down his throat. Then Slave Joey was really stuck, he was pinned down, and could not move. My hubby came in his mouth, wow, Slave Joey really was humiliated.  Hubby really took it out on Slave Joey for being cuckolded himself so many times. This was finally my husband’s chance to be a man!   After hubby kicked Slave Joey in the balls, Slave Joey became weaker and more submissive, and he knew he had lost.

Slave Joey said……After her husband kneeing me hard in the balls, Mandy insisted him finishing me off. There was nothing more that  I could do, he stuck his cock firmly down my throat and began to pump.  Her husband said… “I have you where I want and you will do what ever I wish,” as her her husband stuck his firm hard cock down my throat.
Conversation I had with Slave Joey the following evening..
Slave Joey: I guess your husband put me in my place.
Slave Joey: He kicks pretty hard when he’s mad
Mandie Parker: yes how sore are your balls?
Slave Joey: Im still having trouble walking.
Mandie Parker: I bet your balls are swollen like mellons
Slave Joey: Yes Ma’am. I now know better than to get your husband upset.
Mandie Parker: yes  told him I talked more to you
Mandie Parker: he said he is going to beat your balls again soon
Slave Joey: Why??? What did I do?
Mandie Parker: he said he enjoyed himself
Mandie Parker: and you should continue to spoil me,
Mandie Parker: as he knows you have been flirting with me
Mandie Parker: or trying to
Slave Joey: So if I tell you that you have a nice ass, you will tell him and he will bust my balls for it?
Mandie Parker: oh now you did it
Slave Joey: Did what?
Mandie Parker: you said i had a nice ass, wait till he hears that
Slave Joey: Oh please! I was just asking a question. I didn’t mean to make a stat
Slave Joey: Please?
Mandie Parker: no
Mandie Parker: you did it
Mandie Parker: you are going to get it
Mandie Parker: I can assure you
Mandie Parker: he will kick your ass
Slave Joey: Please… You didn’t tell him did you?
Mandie Parker: he is sleeping
Slave Joey: I’m sorry Mandy
Mandie Parker: i will tell him first thing tomorrow for sure
Slave Joey: Please don’t do that.
Mandie Parker: yes I am going to
Mandie Parker: unless you can think of a way to stop me
Slave Joey: How?
Mandie Parker: well
Mandie Parker: you are going to have to spoil me
Mandie Parker: or I will tell him
Mandie Parker: and he will kick your butt
Mandie Parker: and bust your balls
Slave Joey: I spent all my money last night.
Slave Joey: I will just have to take what your husband gives me.
Mandie Parker: he said he is going to kick your butt again
Mandie Parker: he told me before
Mandie Parker: haha
Slave Joey: I need to let the swelling go down in my balls first. I know you have no mercy
Slave Joey: Good night my love and yes, you do have such a nice sweet tight ass!
Mandie Parker: omg
Mandie Parker: he is going to go crazy
Slave Joey: I really don’t mean this, but for the sake of this conversation ” Bitch!”.
Mandie Parker: OMG I am saving this and giving it to him tomorrow
Mandie Parker: he will go crazy
Mandie Parker: you are in BIG trouble
Slave Joey: Not fair! you have me by the balls and you want to let your husband have his way with me?
Mandie Parker: well
Mandie Parker: what do you expect
Slave Joey: You know I don’t stand a chance
Slave Joey: “Bitch!!!” I say once again as she tightens her grip around my balls bringing me to me knees.
Mandie Parker: “Wait till I tell my husband, and I will tell him!” hahaha
Mandie Parker: you have no idea how much trouble you are in now!
Mandie Parker: you called me a BITCH
Mandie Parker: he will be calling you his bitch
Slave Joey: I know I am already in big trouble with your husband tomorrow.