Office Masturbation for Mandy

My Friend M** called me today, he is going to jerk off at the office for me tomorrow, we have the hottest calls, he likes to play with his ass as well, which I find intensely hot. I have a little office masturbation tease here, if you would like to play it. So M. Let me know how it goes….Also. I love you guys masturbating for me at the office. I want you all to get good and worked up, and jack off for me! I would appreciate knowing about your office masturbation as well, I love that!

You all know that I love you guys jacking off at work. I would love to hear from you about it. Do you work at home and do it? Then you are really not at the OFFICE. I do love that you are taking a jack off break at home at work though, do not get me wrong it counts. BUT, what I think is incredible, is you guys who go to work and take the chance at getting caught.

Maybe have that cock out, and stroke it with the secretary in the next room. OR, in a cubicle and stroking with really NO door. Or, how about this, you have to give a presentation, and you are behind a podium and you have your dick out and are quietly stroking as you are talking.

Can you do that? Can you stroke and talk? Is that possible. I know you can f**k and talk, so maybe you can. I think if you could give a speech and jack off, I know it would prove you had Wonderful concentration skills to be able to do both. I think that would be amazing.

Ok, another thought here, so, you go to the office, do you think about it on the way in, is your day consumed by thoughts of whipping it out and masturbating just for the sake of doing it at work. Maybe you have a female boss, and you want to do it, because she is there, do you like her? OR, do you dislike her. I think you could cum on her desk, if you really did not like her, or maybe on her chair.

Office masturbation, to the next level. Put a tube of astroglide in your desk drawer, how about a vibrator or pussy pleaser, a butt plug, all these things would be handy for your nooner masturbation wack off break.

On that note, I am going to jump into a hot shower, and then watch a hot video. Ta ta… let me know if you wank at work tomorrow, I would love to hear from you!